We visit the Toyota Display at the 2013 Denver Auto Show and look at the all new 2014 Toyota models, some still in production. The Avalon, Tundra, Rav-4. Prius cars and the Toyota Sienna Denver Zoo Elephant Passage special model.

Toyota Avalon is a pinnacle of full size sedans with standard V6 power, lots of interior space and a reputation for reliability, the redesign for 2013 Avalon brings an even more premium look and feel.

1794 Toyota Tundra, This special edition is a icon of toyota’s long time presence in the farming industry and the start date of their ranch in San Antonio where the Toyota factory is today. The All-New 2014 Tundra Reworked inside and out is a force to be reckoned with. Tundra’s have loads of features and haul more than 2000 lbs. and tow over 10,000 lbs.

Toyota Rav4, From its efficient engine to its new 6-speed automatic transmission and updated suspension, RAV4 is every bit a driver’s machine. Let’s rediscover our sense of adventure, the inspiration behind the completely redesigned 2013 RAV4. Toyota built a vehicle that is the perfect partner for fun with friends and family. With a sculpted, sleek exterior and soft, inviting materials on the interior. It has room for all your stuff, enough power to get you there, and offers all the latest technology to keep you connected.

Toyota Prius, Cutting-edge. User-friendly. Undeniably eco-sensitive. The 2013 Prius is all of these things. In its third generation, Toyota’s iconic hybrid has elegantly demonstrated that there can be harmony between man, nature and machine. Prius has also shown that there can be consensus among many different types of drivers. Those who demand fuel efficiency, and those who like to take the fast lane. Those intrigued by highly advanced technology, and those who insist on proven reliability. Those interested in reducing their carbon footprint, and those who are hesitant to sacrifice practicality in order to do it. With all that Prius has to offer, it may well be the one form of transportation that we can all agree upon.

Toyota Sienna, Family life can keep you on the go. Luckily, there’s a vehicle that can help you keep up. Meet the Toyota Sienna. The minivan that’s designed for parents as much as it is for kids. With its wide stance and streamlined profile, it looks and handles more like a performance car and less like a people mover. And it’s loaded with advanced technology that will impress the little ones without frustrating the grown-ups. Plus, it’s assembled in America, with some of the highest levels of North American content in the segment.