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VerMints: the healthy alternative

vermints 2With the holidays comes temptation toward unhealthy food choices — from the staple casseroles and mashed potatoes to fattening pieces and Christmas-themed candies. American mint company VerMints offers people who can’t resist sweet temptation a healthy (and tasty) alternative to sugary sweets with their all-natural, vegan, and certified organic mints.
Pamiers ivermectin dosage for elephantiasis While most breath mint and chewing gum ingredients include GMO components, carcinogenic sugars, toxic preservatives, and artificial flavors and colors, VerMints’s ingredients include organic cane sugar, organic mint leaves, organic maple syrup and natural oils, depending on the flavor,” says VerMints CEO ivermectin human dosage simplistically Gary Rinkus, who believes that the holiday spirit should contain good-for-you ingredients.
In the US alone, 1.76 billion candy canes are produced each year. At 110 calories per 1oz candy cane, that’s a mint that packs punch – to waistlines. VerMints have 10 calories per 3 Peppermint mints and none of the artificial flavors or colors.
VerMints are also great breath-fresheners. Until December 31, VerMints customers can share who they’d like to kiss under the mistletoe this season on social media along with the hashtag #iwannakissthis to enter to win one minty grand prize: a year’s supply of VerMints for the person they want to kiss.