Jann Scott Live

Jann Scott Live

2 minute Jann Scott Live TV show Best of

2 minute Jann Scott Live TV show Best of

Governer Ritter is siging at bill to legalize the sale of liquor on Sundays in Colorado and at the same time the Boulder Police Chief appears on 60 Minutes to promote the lowering of liqour sales to the age of 18 and MADD is seriously pissed off. What else, th[READ|SHARE]
Worst Intersection in Boulder

Worst Intersection in Boulder

This is the worst intersection in Boulder for crashes[READ|SHARE]

Jann Scott’s Journal

Peter Hofstrom (rip) convinced Intruder killed JonBenet

Peter Hofstrom (rip) convinced Intruder killed JonBenet

After a few day I brought up the Ramsey case. He had not talked about it much and especially to reporters. But he started talking to all of us patients.. He held court on the JonBennet Ramsey murder case. He agreed to talk to me but said if I talked about it and him in the same breath on TV or here he would never talk to me again.[READ|SHARE]
Donald Trump Home run Speech

About The Show

“Jann Scott Live with Jann Scott” is home to local and national guests, memorable comedy and topical monologue jokes. It is hosted by  Award-winning writer journalist and TV personality Jann scott. Previously, Scott hosted Jann Scott Tonight on broadcast and cable TV since 1989.
An established comedian, Scott is known for his perfectly-timed wit and off-the-cuff satire. Scott jann-scott-14hosts bands, guests, callers and the show often goes on location.

This is the HOME Page for Jann Scott the broadcaster and entertainer: Jann Scott Live is a call-in talk TV show on the air since 1989. Location Boulder Colorado. News, talk, parody, comedy, and on the edge. Jann can be seen on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Ustream, Periscope  and Cable TV. Email Jann: jannscottlive@gmail.com

Demographics and audience share for Jann Scott Live

  • Boulder County 220,000 views per month on cable TV
  • JANN SCOTT Live 55,000 MONTH
  • RATINGS are based on comment line phone calls, live calls, letters and e-mails to the show using Prime time Formula of 500 viewers per call. GOOGLE, GO-DADDY ANALYTICS
  • Average age 18-41, 50% male 50% female: 35% Boomers, 35% College, 30% Millennials
  • Comcast Cable in Boulder County has over 450,000 subscribers, 80% of Boulderites watch TV in Prime time, 45% of that group land or stay on Jann Scott. This includes approximately 7,500 households per night!


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