As Boulder’s largest rental shop, the Bikesmith has a niche. Since they sell only used (vs. new) bikes, they don’t compete with Performance Bicycles, located in the same shopping center. Rather, their businesses complement one another. Often, a customer interested in purchasing a new bike from Performance will opt to ‘test ride’ the bike first, by renting it from the Bikesmith for a day or two. It also happens that the Bikesmith might buy someone’s used bike, essentially providing them with a down-payment towards a new bike purchase. At any rate, it’s satisfying to be a part of the recycling process and the Boulder Bikesmith is the first place to visit.

Boulder Bikesmith2432 Arapahoe Ave.
Boulder, CO 80302

Phone (303) 443-1132

Open Everyday
10-5 (Winter)
9-6 (Summer)

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