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The Boulder Chamber of Commerce

Boulder Chamber interview with John Tayer


President of the Boulder Chamber John Tayer, explains the Business Services, Advocacy and the Economic Vitality they provide in the city of Boulder. John talks about the members who join the Chamber and ways the Boulder Chamber can connect them others to help build their business, as well he explains some of the local policies the Chamber takes a role in developing in the community and some of the networking events the Chamber hosts where business voices can be shared with others. He talks with Boulder channel 1 CEO Jann Scott See more Boulder channel 1 videos on the Boulder Chamber Here . If you or your company would like a video like this  see Boulder channel 1 Advertising Agency Services

Bill Rancic, small business advocate and co-owner of Xo, G Wine and RPM restaurant group

Quick Books Connect – Boulder Theater Thursday May 21


Quick Books Connect - Boulder Theather Thursday May 21

A big event for small businesses

Quick Books Connect - Boulder Theather Thursday May 21
2 Workshops on Thursday May 21st, 2015 just $25/Session

Session 1: 9:30 am – 1:00 pm
Session 2: 2:30 pm – 6:00 pm

1 Day Quickbooks Online Certification Training on May 22nd
Register Here

Come be inspired, learn and network at QuickBooks Connect Local Boulder. You may be on your own, but you don’t have to feel like it. That’s why QuickBooks is bringing together small business owners for a one-time event right here in Boulder. You’ll walk away with new contacts, insider tips and inspiring ideas to take your business to the next level. Tickets are just $25, but space is limited and seats will go fast.

Interactive Workshops
Pratical tips on elevating your business
Expert advice from successful entrepreneurs
Free Food and Small Business Resources

Bill Rancic, small business advocate and co-owner of Xo, G Wine and RPM restaurant group

Event Details:

  • Introduction by Bill Rancic, small business advocate and co-owner of Xo, G Wine and RPM restaurant group
  • Keynote from Intuit Executive
  • Q&A with Local Small Business Owner
  • Intuit Breakout Sessions – Financial Fitness | Finding Customers Online | 5 Key Lessons for Every Small Business
Quick Books Connect - Boulder TheaterThursday May 21st, 2015
Boulder Theater
2032 14th St
Boulder, CO 80302
Register Here

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Jobs and Internships at Boulder Channel 1


How about if you were part of something that is bigger than you; bigger than the company you work for; bigger than tech, Jann and Sarahbigger than startups. How about if you were really part of the Entire Boulder community??
Boulder Channel 1 is like the new Public / Educational Access TV all rolled into One. If you are looking to get involved on a volunteer basis or in our internship program this ad is for you.
Our team is the backbone for Public television here in Boulder. We produce a nightly show called Boulder Creek Festival 2010 - Boulder Channel 1 Booth22Boom for Educational access Channel 22 in Boulder county. On Boulder Channel 1 which is web based Television we cover local events, bands, tech, everything Boulder. We have been around since 1975 and have produced Television, newspaper and radio .
We are looking for people who want to be involved with a real TV channel and show your stuff. You will also help produce programming for Boulder Channel 1 and 22Boom.
If you want your stuff to be seen on TV, online and all over the world in a broad TV media spectrum we are a good place to volunteer.

Television: If you are a shooter editor: we will give you once a week local assignments once a week to shoot and edit a local story or event.00101_8DxVr5fXBwK_300x300 (1)

Graphic Artist Let’s say you are the best designer in the world. But who sees your work ? Commercial accounts? This would be your chance to do TV Graphics and design that everyone will see and you will be part of the local Boulder TV scene.boulder news

Web Developer same deal here. Do you really want to make a difference solving some local problems in TV video, at local Boulder Channel 1 and 22Boom ?? We are not your average startup buried in the tech world. We are mass media.22 Boom - 2014 Best in Boulder TV Special - Episode 74

2015 Best in Boulder TV Special Show SheetSocial Media You are all over social media. If you had a chance you could bring your expertise to a local TV station and change the world and do something that really mattered.
SEO Are you a real seo expert ?? want to help local community TV . You want to be credited with your work.

BLOGGER Ok you are a blogger , (along with half of Boulder.) And you have a decent amount of readers. But how about if you blogged ( reported once a week) for Boulder channel 1 in News, sports, Environment, food, entertainment, music, tech, . Where 50,000 people will read you. How about if you were a part of something Boulder.?

Talent If you are an actor you would have a shot at appearing in segments on one of our shows. We need hosts for music, sports, news and E.Ashtin Battista

Send: Cover letter, photo, Resume, reel
SEE: Boulder channel 1 and 22Boom on BV-22 here: http://www.C1N.TV/BoulderChannel1

boulder startup week

The Future of the News Business: Startup Week Boulder


by George Edward Hardwick and Boulder Channel 1 news staff                                              BC1 STARTUP HOME

Wednesday At 3:00 in Trident Coffee Shop (the oldest coffee shop in Boulder) Ben Markus, Steve Outing, Matt Sebastian, and Andrew Baron presented The Future of the News Business for Startup Week Boulder. They spoke in front of an audience about startup 99their current, and future vision of the news as a business, and so far from their point of view, the future looks grim for just about everybody… Except the radio. Fricken radio. Ben Markus is an author. Steve Outing is a web news consultant. Matt Sebastian is a News editor at the Daily Camera. Andrew Cohn produced Rocketboom.

It should be pointed out that none of the members of this panel are from the business side of news so their views are biased. There was no representation from TV news either.

One of their strongest selling points about the impending doom of modern print news industry, is the way they make money. Most of the money for print newspapers still comes from the paper version of their product. They said most people get their information from the internet. This is heavily disputed by statistical numbers which show millions are still watching broadcast news.
News still rely on the add banners and subscriptions for their revenue stream. As print papers become less relevant, revenue streams are drying up for the printed newspaper, and the future of written news stands on shaky ground.

Ben Markus however told us that radio news, (a.m. f.m. outlets) are experiencing a boom. Perhaps it is because of more traffic, construction, and less newspaper attention, but viewership for radio has been up. The main concern Ben had to voice was the future of how people find entertainment in their car. With manufacturers producing more and more mobile friendly audio systems, a drop in the audience of radio news stations could happen rapidly, and be pushed towards podcasts and other audio app entertainment.

Another interesting feature of the talk was everything being live streamed using an app called Meerkat. This wasn’t a paid thing, but future potential is huge. Though live streaming without any production value can be sketchy. Justin TV was a huge live streaming company but wet broke and moved into paid online gaming. Ustream and Youtube also use live streaming but neither are profitable.

What was not discussed were the successes of companies like Channel 1 Network and Boulder Channel 1 who thrive in the current atmosphere. C1N.TV says it has solved the news problem by creating local news outlets all over the world which are self sustaining.

Facebook , just this week , signed 10 major news organisations for embedded news. Facebook is a multi-billion dollar company which has the ability to prop the news industry.

TV and Cable news were left out of this discussion entirely. TV is still king by many accounts. The question is how will news media shake out in the coming years and what will be the platforms. Who will pay the reporters.

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Start-Up TV Series

2015 Boulder Startup TV Special ad package


Signup now for your companies business video to play in Boulder Channel 1s TV special:  BC1 STARTUP HOME

Start-Up TV Special

startup 10

Ebony Walker enjoying Boulder Starup Week


by George Edward Hardwick                                                                                                       BC1 STARTUP HOME

Ebony Walker, a central member of the Wazo Group was at Boulder Startup Weeks Educational Startup social event. Ebony’s goal is to help members of the older generation, perhaps those not so used to the intricacies of apps and development platforms, use the internet to their benefit!

She mainly works with the Mom and Pop shops around Colorado, helping them develop their websites, and understand the technology that will help their business grow. Ebony was very easy to talk with, and represents some of the new entrepreneurs to the scene of education that are making a real difference. Her business directly impacts the people who need it most, and helps the economy of Colorado grow.

George Hardwick is blogging for Boulder Channel 1 from Boulder Startup Week invite him to parties

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boulder startup week

Fabien Dodard and Sara Smith from Victor & Spoils: Boulder Startup Week 2015


by George Edward Hardwick                                                                                               BC1 STARTUP HOME
Wednesday May 13, 1015 This afternoon I went up to Spark “a Boulder co-working space  designed to connect students to the startup 9startup community. At 1:00 p.m Fabien Dodard and Sara Smith from Victor & Spoils were next on deck. Victor Spoils is another ad agency off shoot of  Crispin, Porter + Bogusky.  Yesterday I wrote about Made. Smith and Doddard gave a talk titled, Content Marketing and What it Can Do for You. 

In a world where everybody and their mother has a blog website, facebook page, and twitter account, standing out with a creative, provocative story is difficult. While the idea of going viral might seem impossible to the up and coming blogger, Fabieng Dodard and Sara Smith brought the concept back to its basics. This talk was based around the idea of creative marketing, and how the best way to stand out in the incredibly competitive world of creative story telling in the chaotic internet, is by sticking to the basics.

The talk was centralized around 5 main characteristics of how to tell a great story: Theme…Plot…Characters…Details…Tone.
Using the example of the viral story, “Why I Gave Up a $95,000 Job to Move to an Island and Scoop Ice Cream”, Dodard and Smith gave us the breakdown.

Theme “If you are constantly thinking you need a vacation, maybe you need a new life?”
Plot: Leaving a successful job to work as an ice cream scooper.
Characters: Islanders, Parents, Herself, and a Chicken.
Details: Chicken casually in her bathroom during a morning pee, the view, the beach, the lifestyle.
Tone: Humoristic and Genuine.

Sure, the concept is very basic. Anyone who has been through a middle school English class could roll their eyes and sarcastically repeat this outline. But Dodard and Smith’s point lifted the veil on the confounded chaos of the media. Though going viral may seem like magic, it is based around the same key characteristics that we have always been taught. In some ways, it is better not to try and re-invent the wheel. Smith and Dodard haven’t.

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boulder startup week

Made Startup Boulder


by George Edward Hardwick                                                   BC1 STARTUP HOME
Made is an offshoot of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, by Dave Schiff “where his unique talent and unbridled passion quickly led him up the agency ladder.” Made is another one of Boulders new Ad Agency startups, like Victor spoils.startuo 6

With a cool atmosphere, clients like Harley Davidson, and segments of employees that have the title of “hive” this is one of the coolest new startups to be made on boulder. I went there today for the party.
One of their most interesting features: a catapult that launches old, biodegradable food off of a balcony, for the benefit of animals and unpaid interns living in the woods.

George Hardwick is blogging for Boulder Channel 1 from Boulder Startup Week invite him to parties.

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boulder startup week

Pro Mountain Biker Sonya Looney Boulder Startup Week


by George Edward Hardwick
#BSW15 Sonya Looney (pro mountain biking racer) spoke at 2:00 today at Boulder startup Week at the E-town diggs; about pushing the comfort zone, and stepping into the growth zone. In taking bike races that scared her, that a woman may have never done before, and in parts of the world only accessible by bike an yak, she has grown into the young entrepreneur she is today. boulder startup 2
With a masters degree in engineering, the path of pro mountain biking market guru is a little bit of an unexpected path. Realizing that engineering wasn’t what made her happy, she said, “I wanted to see the world from my bike.” Hundreds of races later, she has been around the world, and found a path much different from her degree.
When asked how she was able to pay for everything, financially, she responded with marketing. Though it was scary, Looney stepped out of her comfort zones by approaching magazines for money to run a story, and the race starters to cover her travel because she was publicizing them in a magazine. Stepping out into a stressful situation, Looney was able to get what she needed by growing into new situations, rather than stepping back into the comfort of what she already knew.
George Hardwick is blogging for Boulder Channel 1 from Boulder Startup Week invite him to parties
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boulder startup week

Survey Gizmo at Boulder Startup week


by George Edward Hardwick                                                                    BC1 STARTUP HOME
At 3:30 pm in Boulder Colorado, Survey Gizmo founders, Bill Flagg and Scot McDonald, delved into the details of how their company went from making 14 dollars a year, to being worth millions. Their secret: partnership. A classic tale of brains and business, Survey Gizmo wouldn’t be worth millions today if it weren’t for these two different business individuals.

Part of their speech was on how a business partnership wasn’t too different from that of a marriage. Business relationships have to adapt to changes just as much as a marriage. For a business relationship to be successful, both of its co-founding spouses need to be on the same page for changes that need to be made in the company. Otherwise a messy divorce will ensue, and Survey Gizmo does not have a prenup. Their entire business agreement was written by Scott McDaniel after spending a week reading a book on the subject of business relations law (they did only net 14 dollars their first year).

One of the biggest features in their company, was that each partner would in a minimum of 30 per week to retain their partner status. Being a company that started completely on the purchases of customers (called bootstrapping in hip startup lingo), this meant holding two jobs at a time, and probably logging over 60 hours of work per week.

Their most embarrassing moment:
The night before a webinar of over 400 potential customers, Bill and Scott were awake until 4 a.m. getting the slides ready. At such a late hour, mistakes can be made. A word that closely rhymes with duck, but hardly resembles the animal, had managed to become inserted into a slide. This duck didn’t get noticed until the slide show was in full swing, and boy was it noticeable. Luckily the problem was quickly fixed.

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