On Monday, Sept. 23, City of Boulder building inspection staff, along with certified inspectors from the Colorado Chapter of the International Code Council, will begin rapid evaluations of flood-damaged properties. The rapid evaluations will begin in the areas that were most impacted by recent flooding and will be focused in the 100-year flood, high-hazard, and conveyance zones. If your property was affected by the September 2013 flood but is not located in one of these designated floodplain zones, you may call 303-441-1880 to request an assessment.




Inspectors will use specific criteria to check for potential safety threats that are visible from the exterior of flood-damaged properties. After the inspectors have completed an evaluation, they will place one of three colored placards on the property, near the main entrance.


  • Green “INSPECTED” placards confirm that a property has been inspected and is safe to occupy.


  • Yellow “RESTRICTED USE” placards inform occupants of concerns related to the structure, electrical (power), or mechanical (gas). These placards will include a description of how and why the use is limited. Properties that are restricted to limited uses will require a more detailed evaluation before occupants are allowed to use the entire building.


  • Red “UNSAFE” placards inform occupants that a property is unsafe to enter and that substantial measures may be necessary to make the building safe to occupy. A red placard is not a demolition order.


Please allow these placards to remain on the property for at least one week, or until you have been notified otherwise by a City of Boulder representative. If you have any questions about the rapid evaluation process, please contact Planning and Development Services at 303-441-1880.


— CITY —

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