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Die in on Pearl Street Mall

Boulder 2 Ferguson Solidarity March TV Special


These are TV segments of the various Boulder Ferguson Solidarity marches and protests. concerning Police Brutality across America. These appear on Comcast Channel 22 as well as Boulder Channel 1 TV. See them on Twitter and on FaceBook

First we see 470 people march down Pearl Street. Then Jann Scott intros the program from 29th street Mall. Next Boulder to Ferguson black men targeted. At Boulder Municipal Building before the beginning of today’s march for Solidarity with Ferguson Ruby talks about her sign. Next: Mic check Boulder to Ferguson Reporter. Jann Scott has been covering demonstrations in Boulder for ever…………. omg… Here is the beginning of today’s rally with a new take on Mic Check. Then Boulder Ferguson March begins at Municipal Center:
I feel safer because I’m white read one son the rally gathers. People join together and the speaker speak in it’s great fun. Joseph Harris speaks Boulder Ferguson : Joseph Harris speaks with Boulder Channel One News Jann Scott about institutionalized racism for people of color and why he is on the Boulder Ferguson solidarity March today December 6 2014. The first Die in Boulder Ferguson Pearl St. Mall . This is the die in on the Boulder Pearl Street Mall . As the protest march made its way through the streets of Boulder it would stop at appropriate stations and stop. All 400 marcher lie down for 41/2 minutes to represent the 41/2 hours Michael Browns body lay exposed on the streets of Ferguson Mo in the black Neighborhood. This is a tatic used by Ferguson Police to send a message to the African American community which is ” we can kill you any damn time we please and you can do a thing about it”.
The Nazi Waffen SS storm troopers used the same tactics in 1943 in France. The SS wold hang people like Michael Brown and leave the body exposed for days. Non-violent tactics Boulder Ferguson solidarity. The Boulder Ferguson solidarity March have a lot of volunteers. This next volunteer explains tactic of nonviolent protest. Boulder Ferguson. Police talk Boulder Channel One . Boulder Deputy Police Chief Kurt Johnson talks with Boulder Channel One News about the Boulder Ferguson demonstration . Next Die in Pearl and Folsom: Boulder 2 Ferguson .As the march proceeded down Pearl Street it stopped at Folsom and Pearl for a 41/2 minute die in. I can’t breath. Boulder police had the street blocked off for the mostly CU age protesters.

Sleep Out for the Homeless

100 will Sleep Out for Homeless Youth November 13th!


November is National Homeless and Runaway Youth Awareness Month.

Sleep Out for the HomelessSign up to Sleep Out here:

BOULDER, CO. – Attention Homes has announced that on Thursday, November 13th over 100 community members will sleep out in support of homeless and runaway youth. November is officially Homeless and Runaway Youth Awareness Month. The 3rd Annual Sleep Out for Homeless Youth will be presented in partnership with First United Methodist Church of Boulder. Attention Homes, a local non-profit organization, is the only shelter for youth in Boulder County providing day and overnight shelter.

Participants will be spending the night sleeping outside on the lawn in downtown Boulder between Attention Homes’ office and the First United Methodist Church, near 15th and Spruce Street. They have pledged to each raise $1,000 for Attention Homes from friends, family and colleagues through their own fundraising page. Sleep Out is expected to raise more than $100,000 to support Attention Homes’ homeless and runaway youth services.

“The number of youth in our community who are either homeless or unstably housed is currently estimated to be 150 or more on any given night,” says Claire Clurman, Executive Director of Attention Homes. “Sleep Out is an opportunity to raise awareness about and funds for this critically important issue. By taking part in this event, individuals, community and business leaders will glimpse what life is like as a homeless youth by exposing themselves to weather and the uncertainties that come from living on the streets. Our hope is that as they return the next morning to safe and warm homes, their jobs and families, they will share a message of awareness and support for these local kids that need our attention and help.” Both principals from Fairview and Boulder High will be sleeping out this year.

Sleep Out participants will arrive the evening of November 13th at First United Methodist Church and take part in a simple meal provided by Pasta Jay’s before preparing to sleep out. Early the next morning, a light breakfast will be served before departing back to work and home where participants are encouraged to not shower or change in order to further heighten their connection to the experience of being homeless. Rev. Pat Bruns, Senior Pastor of First United Methodist Church, was an early supporter of the event and believes Sleep Out perfectly complements their affirming and welcoming community that reaches out to support a variety of local non-profits. “Caring for one another works best when we build creative partnerships that help meet a wide variety of needs. Whether it is through our efforts with the Boulder County Aids Project, OutBoulder, Community Table, which also feeds the poor and homeless or by supporting the essential work of Attention Homes, we are doing what we all should do to help those who are so often both marginalized and forgotten in our community. And we are committed to changing the systems that create marginalization, neglect and homelessness in the first place.”

Attention Homes expects to serve close to 800 youth by the end of 2014 through street outreach, day drop-in services and overnight shelter. Programs connect vulnerable youth to education, employment, housing, mental health and substance abuse support and family reunification. To learn more about how you can participate go to

Attention HomesAbout Attention Homes:
Since 1966 Attention Homes has provided opportunities for youth in crisis to change their lives. We offer safe shelter, community-based living and teaching of life skills necessary for an independent future. Attention Homes operates the only shelter for youth in Boulder County.

Claire Clurman : Executive Director
303.447.1206 x122
720.308.1001 (cell)

jann 9

Boulder CU welcome ! Hands Up Don’t Shoot! Cops


Boulder is a pretty safe place; if you are rich and white. It gets less safe if you are Latino or African American. As long as you look, talk and walk white you should be fine here. But the cops are going to watch you.

If you look hip hop and all gangster, all eyes will be on you where ever you go.
If you are Asian, you are less suspect. Try to look like a nerd . If you are middle eastern try to look as American as you can. Many of you are rich, hang together, don’t drink and are fashionable. That goes a long way here. Goes without saying don’t wear hodgie clothes not matter if some white people do. They’re stupid and they don’t understand the implications… but the police do and Afgan and Iraqi war veterans who you will be going to school with don’t think hodgie clothes are cool. It makes them nervous and you suspect.

Most Strict sharia Muslims were thrown out of Boulder after 911. They FBI came to CU and revoked everyone’s passports. So don’t go grocery shopping at 1:00 am with your wife following behind you in a Birka. Dropped the Birka and any of that child or woman repressive civil rights stuff while you are in Boulder.

In all my years with my involvement with Police and  law enforcement one thought comes to mind. They do have the power, training, wherewithal and the guns to kill you at the drop of a hat. Like an explosive offensive lineman in football cops are like wild beasts ready to strike without warning. So you have to be mindful of that. You are not dealing with an ordinary person. You are always dealing with someone who can knock you to the ground, handcuff you and take away your freedom or your life. They are a gang of trained killers who live in a closed society. They are the military except on American soil. Our Military only operates on foreign soil  where the host country fears for their lives. Cops are color blind. They only see blue. They are a brotherhood of men and women who rule the streets.  They have rules of engagement which are less strict than our US Marine Corps.

That means if you frighten them them they can and will shoot to kill you.  They do not have much of an in between.

So I always approach cops with this in mind. I am not stupid.  I don’t ever do things to antagonize them. I never fight with them or argue with then.

They have the gun on their holster. They have the badge of authority and the entire police department, district attorneys office and local government behind them.

Cops are the wrong people to fuck with always.  Many of them are stressed and overworked. They spend much of the day dealing with scumbag wife beaters, child abusers, drug addicts and alcoholics, thieves etc.

So when they run up on you in a traffic stop just know you have a wilkd lion coming up to your car and you don’t want to piss him or her off.

What to do in a traffic stop.

1. Pull over to the right immediately and stop.

2. Don’t get out of the car.

3. Put your hands up on the steering wheel and keep them there.

4. If it is night , turn your overhead light on so the officer can see your hands.

5. Don’t go fishing around for your license or registration in the glove  box.

6. Sit still and wait for the cop to come to your window and wait for instructions.

7. Cops get nervous when you go to the glove box or start fishing around.  They worry that you might have a gun or someone in the car has a gun .

8. Be polite. Yes sir no sir goes a long way.  Don’t argue with him.

9 I have found that being polite to a police officer always helps….. If I have done something wrong  in the vehicle I just admit it or say i didn’t realize and apologize. That approach will get you less point on a ticket or a warning.  I almost never get stopped and when I do it is usually with a warning.

10. I am serious. I could have driven over the guys mother and he’ll give me a warning. Why. because I pose no threat.

12. Now of course I am white, middle aged and look like Rush Limbaugh so that helps… a lot. I am usually well dressed and well spoken. I don’t give off attitude.

13 I have no idea what to say to those of you who are black, Latino, or wear gangster clothes.  I would take my hat off and do your best Eddie Murphy impression.

14. when I was a long haired hippie and on drugs and wearing weird clothes… believe it or not I was the guy who was cool calm and collected around cops.  I was often the spokesperson. ” Yes sir. No problem here sir.  thank you sir . no sir yes sir. did you want to fuck one of the girls sir cause that one there thinks your cute.” I mean , I will do anything to keep the heat off and make sure the cops are feeling non threatened. I just try to be nice to them. Cause nobody else has been all day and they appreciate it.. And that means they will go find somebody else to eat.

15. If you have somebody with you who is being agro toward the cops, you tell that person to “shut the fuck up” in no uncertain terms. You tell the cop .. “You will have no problem with us sir, I am sorry for my disrespectful friend he was smoking crack before you so caringly stopped us ” and then you make sure a friend sits on that guy or girl.

16. Now you people of color, try to dress as white as you can. And talk as white as you can.  Wear Kakis and a blue oxford shirt and a red and blue stripped  tie. Talk about how you love the police and hope to be a police officer next year. Smile like Chris Rock and mention church. 

sorry that is how it goes.  This is a white mans world. White businessmen do rule…Next come our white women and our white children. If you are rich like me and live in a rich white city like Boulder you get treated like a Lord by the cops. Then again I don’t fuck up. I am not out dealing drugs, shooting people, robbing, stealing rapping or walking the streets. I am scared shitless.  But I get more points than you.

If you are black, Latino or homeless you will always be stopped by the cops in rich white Boulder or any affluent white neighborhood in America.

So how you carry yourself, what you wear and how you speak in the presence of law enforcement officers will make the difference of whether you live or die tonight.

Jann Scott has covered the police for over 20 years
by Jann Scott
Jann Scott’s Journal
from White Boulder
and now one of my favorite bands




Startup Boulder week 2014: reflection


We at Boulder Channel 1 Employ 8 full time / part time people. Four of whom are in sales. They sit on the phones and or go to

selling ads on the phone and on the streets.

selling ads on the phone and on the streets.

see Boulder retailers and sell advertising.  They come from a group known as pitchmen (women). They hit the streets and talk to Boulder about our company and our ad packages. A typical package includes a video profile of their goods for a given season. We invented this here in Boulder and have created over 1000 business profiles since 1987. We also produce banner ads on our site only. We run Social media campaigns for customers and do PR too. Then we design and build websites for our advertising customers. We do promotions for them and we run focused ad campaigns on other platforms. We also do local appearances and remote broadcasts for advertisers where we come to a car dealership and broadcast live on a Saturday during a big sale. Or we will go to a restaurant and broadcast live and talk about the food , interview the chefs and owners.

We are both traditional Television and new media with a news and production department. So what does this have to do with Boulder Startup week 2014 ?? Absolutely, nothing except it gives us a chance to pitch Boulder Channel 1 and tell you about us and why you should use us.

bestofboulderReason number 1 is that we are not minimalists. We are maximists  we don’t lie to you. If you are going to spend your money with us here in Boulder we feel it is our responsibility to you and your retail operation that you get immediate response from advertising with us. If you don’t then fire us.

Reason Number 2 we are Boulder. we are from Boulder. We didn’t just move here and set up shop.  We have been in business since 1975. Most of our customers are our friends from years of relationships or they become our friends.

Reason Number 3  We are on TV every day and night of the week on Comcast BV-22 which plays to 250,000 subscribers all over Boulder County.  They include houses, apartments, businesses and CU dorm rooms. We are also on the net right here.

Reason Number 4  We are the voice of Boulder. We show all points of view and ask the tough questions. One tough question we have for StartUp Boulder is who are you and what do you stand for ?

We know that is is organized by a hippie homeless guy who calls himself a vagabond. We know a group of so called investors from Boulders App world get together  drink beer, have chair races and party day and night call themselves the community. But are they trustworthy ?? Are they really from Boulder or are they former college students cycling through our city playing at business??  They all seem to be new here without jobs living off of mom and dad. And that is part of the Boulder Story too.

tree work

Tree work along creek path closures


Boulder Creek Path tree maintenance planned for March 3 to March 6 and March 25

The City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department’s Urban Forestry Division will be working with Ironwood Earthcare to conduct safety-related tree maintenance along the Boulder Creek Path from Monday, March 3, to Thursday, March 6, and again on Tuesday, March 25. The work will require temporary closures of the Boulder Creek Path, and flaggers will be onsite to direct pedestrian and bicycle traffic around work zones.



Monday, March 3:
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. – temporary closures will be along the dirt trail south of the Justice Center, located at 1777 6th St.

Tuesday, March 4:
8 a.m. to 2 p.m. – temporary closures will be near the Evert Pierson Kids’ Fishing Pond, located at 6th Street and Canyon Boulevard.
2 to 4 p.m. – temporary closures will be near the Sculpture Park at 9th Street and Canyon Boulevard.

Wednesday, March 5:
8 to 11 a.m. – temporary closures will be near the Main Public Library, located at 1001 Arapahoe Ave.
11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. – temporary closures will be near Central Park and Connecting Point Park, located at 13th Street and Arapahoe Avenue.

Thursday, March 6:
8 a.m. to 2 p.m. – temporary closures will be west of 17th Street along the Boulder Creek Path.
2 to 4 p.m. – temporary closures will be east of Folsom Street along the Boulder Creek Path.

Tuesday, March 25:
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. – temporary closures will be near Boulder High School, 1604 Arapahoe Ave., from 13th to 17th streets.

Please note, all tree maintenance project dates and times are weather-dependent and subject to change. For more information, call Patrick Bohin, parks and recreation department’s urban forester, at 303-519-8750.



Boulder’s Homeless are bad for business


Christmas day was a nightmare for one Boulder Police officer who spent most of her day shagging drunks out of Starbucks and Jamba Juice at 30th and Arapaho. Both are popular spots for homeless alcoholics and drug addicts to convene. The officer had spent so much time arresting people for fighting, that by the end of her shift she had not had time for a break or a cup of coffee. When we ran into her at Starbucks it  had closed and she was trying to figure out where she could get a cup a Joe on Christmas night ?

It was cold and pitiful that night. But the hardcore homeless who dominate Starbucks, Jamba Juice and King Soopers in that neighborhood were either in jail or sleeping under their tarps in the campsites that litter the bike paths nearby.  This is a crazy violent out of control neighborhood run by street pirates. Boulder PD is determined to clean it up. After weeks of trouble Police presence  is now a constant. They are a welcome site for most Starbuck patrons.

One Patron named Tom who is a 62 year old part time scientist at NOAA across the street from Starbucks was attacked  by one of the homeless drunks two nights ago. We were sitting in the Boulder Channel 1 SUV covering this story when we witnessed the whole event.  Tom had ridden his bike from NOAA to Starbucks and was on his way in to get a cup of coffee for his bike ride home at around 5:30 pm.  He was followed by a big tall  homeless man named Charles. Within seconds Charles had Tom pinned against the wall of Starbucks and was screaming at him that he was going to kill him. It was quite shocking. Patrons who were on their way into Starbucks turned around and left. When we asked Tom what that was all about he said , “he had no idea.  the man was one of the crazy homeless people who hang around Starbucks.”

The next night we told this story to Doc who is a homeless programmer who works out of Starbucks. Doc knows everyone on the streets and avoids them all because they are either drunk or crazy.  ” Charles is seriously crazy” said Doc. “He’s is big and does not feel pain. He gets off on beating people up especially little ole scientist types from NOAA. ” Doc Said.

Doc was an alcoholic who sobered up 4 years ago. He used to be a serious programmer and code slinger making over 100 k a year. Now he sleeps under a bridge.  He’s is not crazy from what we could see. He is just disenfranchised.  He won’t get food stamps, or housing or any kind of disability. He picks up work here and there from small start ups.  Last week he cut himself in the night when he fell near his camp. During the flood in September he nearly drowned when the water came through Arapaho Avenue. But he refused help. He refused help from FEMA, the Red Cross or the county. Doc weighs about 88 lbs but should weigh 160lbs. He is starving to death on the streets of Boulder. What’s weird is that he is a perfectly nice guy and seems normal.  He says he just wants a job and a place to live. It is almost like he is too proud to accept public assistance. Doc is one of the few we met on the streets who actually wants a job and is capable of doing high level work.

Most of the street people we have seen around Starbucks are bums; Drunken street alcoholics who are completely lost. One Starbucks manager told us ” we have had it with these people. They have no respect for anything and they drive customers off” Starbucks has started calling the police two and three times a day to have the street people thrown out in an intensive campaign.  Police now come in go table to table see who is homeless. They then 86 them with a warning ” if you come back you will be ticketed arrested and jailed. ” This is all new. Last fall we witnessed the police being all nice , sweet and kind to trouble makers. Better late then never.

Last night when we were in Starbucks at 5:30 the place was empty except for 3 homeless men all of whom were very homeless looking and smelling. One of them had brought in a giant two wheeler with a ton of homeless bags on it. Doc was there too. He had a   computer but 5 layers of clothes, bags and he looked pretty bad. Meaning, he had dirty long hair, a beard, ski pants and homeless gloves. He just didn’t fit the Starbucks mold.

On Christmas there were 30 or 40 homeless men and women in and out all day and night. They were drinking and fighting inside , out side, with patrons and with police. Boulder Homeless are bad for business. They have nearly ruined a popular Starbucks.  The Starbucks in King Soopers across the parking lot is just as bad. It is packed with homeless men and women every day and night. It is just not the kind of Starbucks you would go to.

Lately Doc has been thrown out of all the Starbucks and he has no place to work. But who wants a homeless dirty sucking up the oxygen in a business that likes to turn table every hour.

Bo is a black man. He recently lost his job at NIST and now lives under a camper shell in  a storage lot on Arapaho. He comes to Starbucks about 3 times a week to check his email and go online. Bo is a rubber tramp. He has a jeep, gets  unemployment, but he’s still homeless. He does not look as rough as Doc so Starbucks does not throw him out.

Chief is an Indian from the Rose Bud reservation in Nebraska.  He comes to Boulder to hang out. But he too is homeless. He lives in a mini van that he parks around Boulder at night. But chief is very disturbed. He likes to rape women and often talks about killing people. He is known to Boulder PD but they can’t do anything about him unless someone files a complaint.

Stevie is a black man who got washed out by the flood. He is homeless and crashes where he can. Doc says a lot of these guys are losing their minds and are getting worse. Stevie has been a Boulder bum for years and has a long criminal record to go along with it. It includes robbery, breaking and enter, rape, theft, forgery. He’s a model citizen.


Most of the people on the Boulder streets are white adult males. A few are black, Indian or Mexican. Fewer still are women. All of them are in same kind of Dominate addiction or have severe mental health issues. Only a hand full are homeless for loss of job or the flood.

Ashton was homeless but  got it together to get SSI, a room to rent, medical, mental health , food stamps, but he drinks.. a lot. He still lives the homeless drunken lifestyle. A lot of his friends are low bottom drunks, “trailer court trash” Ashton himself is a convicted felon with a long prison jacket. Though he stays out of trouble , he can’t quite shake the old street alcoholic mentality.

Jeanie is 18 and lives in a camp near Starbucks. She and her boyfriend Dan and Dans father and his old lady all live together at Starbucks on 30th. Danny beat Jeannie up last week at Starbucks so he went to jail. Jeannie is trying to get away from Danny but she is addicted to Heroin and Danny pimps her out for dope.  Jeannie tried to sell herself to us for a bus ticket back to Arkansas and enough Heroin to get her there. According to Doc Jeannie also has aids and is pregnant.  But no one around Starbucks seems to mind or care .

Rick is homeless. He works nights at IBM. During the day he trys to pick up college girls at Starbucks but they are repulsed by Rick. He latches on to them and stalks them and then threatens them. So rick is a scary guy.

Toby is not homeless but he works at King Soopers as a manger. He befriends homeless people especially young homeless girls. He then offers them a place to live for free which happens to be a town house his mother left him 3 blocks away. Toby is a bad alcoholic and often runs the risk of being victimized by the street girls he helps. According to Ashton who lives with Toby says ” they always steal from Toby. Sometimes they will have their boyfriends come  over , beat Toby up and rob him. Toby never files a crime report.  ”

Two weeks ago Sara  got killed in a drunk driving accident on Highway 93 after leaving Starbucks, high on dope. she had just robbed Toby and was on her way out of town. Toby went to her memorial service.

Across Arapaho from Starbucks is a shed where three homeless men got into a fight over this camp. There was a murder and then there was prison. They were all Starbuck homeless regulars.

The patio in front of Starbucks and the outdoor section at Jamba juice is a  homeless pirate  territory. There are dozens of street addicts there each day planning robberies, dealing dope, knifing each other. It is a very unsafe zone and the public is not invited.

This story was written by Boulder channel 1 staff. Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent



snow flake

Bad weather a-comin’ City gets ready


City of Boulder crews are preparing to respond to an approaching storm that may produce accumulated snowfall and persistent cold beginning tonight and continuing through the weekend. The city’s snow crews use 16 plow trucks to keep Boulder’s primary and secondary streets, on-street bike lanes, and multi-use paths safe and open to traffic.

Like other Front Range communities, the city does not typically plow residential streets since most snow melts within a day or two and residential plowing would significantly increase costs, impacting other high-priority services. During most snowstorms, one “floater” snow plow responds to requests from the community and public safety personnel. When snowfall exceeds 12 inches, the city strategically services known problem areas on some residential streets. To request plowing on a specific residential street, make a “Snow Plow Request” online via or call Snow Dispatch at 303-413-7109.


Residential Street Plowing Pilot Program
In response to community feedback, the City of Boulder is also implementing a residential street plowing pilot program between Dec. 1, 2013, and March 1, 2014. Two snow plows will be sent to 10 pre-identified residential areas when both of the following criteria are met:

  • eight inches or more of snow is predicted or actually accumulates (not including snowpack already on the road surface); and
  • daytime temperatures are predicted to remain below freezing for the 72 hours after the snowstorm.

If both criteria are met and the pilot program is activated, the city will post a notification on the Snow and Ice Removal Web page. View the “Residential Street Plowing Pilot Program Map” to see the specific neighborhood streets where snow plows may be deployed as part of the pilot program.

Safety Tips
To make winter travel safer:

  • give snow plows and spreader trucks plenty of room to operate;
  • allow for more stopping distance on icy or snowy roads;
  • avoid making last-minute decisions;
  • teach your children to be extra careful around traffic; and
  • use extra caution as you walk and bike in icy conditions.

Do not pass snow plows or spreader trucks, which are both wider than one traffic lane. This will help you avoid potential accidents, windshield damage and limited visibility caused by flying snow and ice.

Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal
Property owners, landlords and tenants must remove snow and ice from their sidewalks within 24 hours after snow stops falling. Clearing sidewalks in a timely manner makes travel safer for all pedestrians. Failure to remove snow from sidewalks before the 24-hour deadline may result in fines and/or abatement, which involves paying for a private snow removal contractor to clear the sidewalks. If the city incurs costs related to abatement, these will be passed on to the property owner.

Visit to view official snowfall reports from the National Weather Service. To report sidewalk violations, make a service request for “Sidewalk Snow & Ice Removal” online or call Code Enforcement at 303-441-3333.

Seniors and disabled residents who are physically unable to remove snow from their sidewalks may receive volunteer assistance through the Boulder County CareConnect Ice Busters program. Visit or call 303-443-1933 ext. 413 to volunteer or ext. 416 to request assistance.

For more detailed information about the city’s snow and ice removal operations,  and select the “Snow and Ice Removal” link.

– CITY –


Flood debris pickup extended


Could take until the end of the week for solid materials and longer for mud, silt and dirt

The City of Boulder is in the process of completing pickup of all flood debris that was reported to the city as of Monday, Oct. 14.

The curbside collection of damaged household items, carpet, drywall and all other materials except for dirt, mud and silt, is expected to be completed by Saturday, Oct. 19. Due to the logistics of hauling heavy organic material and collecting dirt, mud and silt from residential areas, parks and multi-use paths, trucks are expected to continue this limited scope of work for several more weeks.

Residents who did not contact the city by Monday, Oct. 14 may no longer take advantage of the curbside collection service and must dispose of flood debris on their own or with the help of a contractor. Residents may continue to dispose of debris at Western Disposal’s transfer station, but they will be required to pay the associated fees.

“We want residents to understand that while they will continue to see Swingle trucks in their neighborhoods fulfilling the orders that were placed before Monday’s deadline, these crews are no longer tasked with continuing to pick up unreported piles,” said Kara Mertz of the city’s Local Environmental Action Division. “The responsibility for unreported flood debris has shifted back to the private property owner.”

Denver-based collection contractor Swingle estimates that its crews have serviced more than 10,000 households since Sept. 26, when collection first began. As of Monday, Oct. 14, 4,463 tons of debris and sediment had been collected through the flood debris curbside pickup program. The city has received positive feedback about the limited-time emergency service.

“It was a relief to see the flood debris gone, though it was also a final goodbye for things we would have rather saved,” said resident Susan McLean in correspondence with the city. “Thank you for all you and others are doing to help speed the recovery.”

Residents who met the request deadline must comply with the same guidelines that have been in place since the pickups began. Specifically, they are asked to make sure their debris is on public streets or right of ways. Materials must be within 10 feet of the curb, avoiding sidewalks if possible, and should not be in bike lanes or in locations that may block storm drains.

In order for the city to receive FEMA assistance for the cost of debris removal, curbside pickup is limited to debris created by the storm event of Sept. 11 through Sept. 15. FEMA requirements include:

·         Storm-related debris only; tree branches that broke from wind this past week cannot be accepted as part of this collection

·         Debris should not be placed in plastic trash bags

·         If debris is already in plastic bags, these bags must be opened to allow for verification that they contain only storm debris

·         Do not place regular household trash with flood debris

·         Debris must be placed on public property. Collection trucks are not permitted to go onto private or commercial property, which includes driveways, areas inside fences, and private streets inside mobile home parks and large apartment complexes.

Electronics and household hazardous wastes are NOT included in curbside collection.

Electronics may be taken to Eco-Cycle’s Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM) drop off site at 5030 Old Pearl St. or Western Disposal for recycling. For more information, visit or

Household hazardous waste such as paint, pesticides and chemicals must be taken to the Hazardous Materials Management Facility at 1901 63rd St.  It is located behind the Boulder County Recycling Facility.

Residents with questions or concerns may contact the city at 720-564-2196 or at

cone zones

Westbound Arapahoe Avenue to reopen between Folsom and 15th streets on Saturday




On Saturday, Aug. 17, westbound Arapahoe Avenue is scheduled to reopen, providing traffic flow in both directions between Folsom and 15th streets. On Monday, Aug. 19, the JUMP bus route is scheduled to return to Arapahoe Avenue (in both directions), with temporary bus stop closures.


This second phase of construction, with both directions of traffic open, will remain in effect through mid-May 2014. During off-peak daytime hours (8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.), sections of Arapahoe Avenue will be narrowed to one lane of alternating traffic. There will be some single-lane closures along short stretches of Arapahoe Avenue, but traffic flow will be maintained in both directions. The second phase includes underground utility installation, irrigation relocation, and construction of curbs, gutters, driveways, and sidewalks.



The first phase of the project completed:


·         reconstruction  of Arapahoe Avenue between 15th and 17th streets into concrete, including underground utilities and extension of the existing student drop-off lane and multi-use path along the Boulder High School property on the south side of Arapahoe Avenue;

·         installation of a new gas main between 17th and 21st streets; and

·         installation of new storm sewers between 15th and 17th streets, and Folsom and 21st streets.


“An important section of Arapahoe Avenue has been reconstructed from a badly rutted, asphalt street into a smooth, durable concrete roadway between 15th and 17th streets,” said Director of Public Works for Transportation Tracy Winfree. “The city appreciates the community’s patience and understanding while we continue to improve this major roadway, identified as a high-priority reconstruction by the Capital Investment Strategy Committee.”


From mid-May through mid-August 2014, Arapahoe Avenue is scheduled to be reduced to one eastbound lane of traffic, with westbound traffic detoured onto Canyon Boulevard. Businesses along Arapahoe Avenue will remain open and the Boulder Farmers’ Market will remain at its current location.


By fall 2014, Arapahoe Avenue is scheduled to be completely reconstructed into concrete between Folsom and 15th streets, along with additional enhancements. The project is funded by the 2011 voter-approved Capital Improvement Bond. For more information, call 303-441-3266 or visit and select “Arapahoe Avenue Reconstruction.”

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Arapahoe Avenue closed between 15th and 17th streets on Saturday





From 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 10, both directions of Arapahoe Avenue will be closed to traffic between 15th and 17th streets while the City of Boulder reconstructs the roadway into concrete. During the closure, eastbound traffic will be detoured onto 15th Street and then onto Canyon Boulevard, with the option to return onto eastbound Arapahoe Avenue via 17th Street.  Traffic delays are expected until the eastbound lane of Arapahoe Avenue is reopened after 5 p.m.


Eastbound Arapahoe Avenue between 17th and Folsom streets will remain open, businesses along Arapahoe Avenue will remain open, and the Boulder Farmers’ Market will remain at its current location. Travelers are encouraged to walk or bike along the Boulder Creek Path, ride buses, or use Canyon Boulevard and the downtown parking garages if driving.


The one-day full closure between 15th and 17th streets is a final step in the first phase of the Arapahoe Avenue Reconstruction project. Phase two is scheduled to begin on Saturday, Aug. 17, when westbound Arapahoe Avenue will be reopened to traffic, and will continue through May 2014. During phase two of the reconstruction, Arapahoe Avenue will have intermittent daytime lane closures; travel in both directions will remain open throughout. The JUMP bus will remain on Arapahoe Avenue, but there may be temporary bus stop closures. Phase two includes irrigation relocation and construction of curbs, gutters, driveways, and sidewalks.


By fall 2014, Arapahoe Avenue will be reconstructed into concrete between Folsom and 15th streets, along with additional enhancements. For more information, call 303-441-3266 or visit and select “Arapahoe Avenue Reconstruction.”


To receive email updates about construction project locations and schedules, visit the City of Boulder Email Listspage and select “Public Works News.” For the latest construction traffic information, and follow @boulderconezone on Twitter.

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