“Why We Need Art” is a presentation by artist Patrick Williams focusing on our collective relationship with Creativity. Each of us has a deep and original connection with Creativity. Often this authentic and imaginal bond has been “misplaced”. We are trained to think of Creativity as frivolous, a waste of time, and unessential. Through mishap and or aggression, which could have been an offhand comment or deliberate humiliation, we begin to mislay or seemingly lose our Creativity. Tossing it into a box in a closet in the basement of our inner psyche.

No matter how buried or forgotten we all have the embers of Creativity within us. This presentation is for everyone who desires and dares to access, maintain, and sustain their Creativity and will point people in the right direction toward rekindling our Creative embers and turning them into Creative flames.

Patrick WilliamsPatrick is a visionary educator, accomplished artist, and independent scholar. Patrick Williams runs his own for profit art, speaking, and consulting business as well as being the Creative Director and Operations Manager of Satori Institute, A research based non-profit organization.
With over three decades of experience, Patrick has innovated creative curriculums and taught children and adults art, creativity, new science, budo, and art history in public and private schools, community centers, teacher trainings, and mentorship experiences.
Patrick’s paintings and drawings have been shown in many solo exhibits and group shows throughout the United States, Japan, and China. His work has been represented by galleries in Chicago, Seattle, Albuquerque, and Omaha.
He holds black belts in Karate-do and Aikido and has trained and taught budo for more than thirty-five years. He also practices Kyudo, Japanese archery. Patrick has an expansive and comprehensive knowledge of art history and holds a BFA in painting from the University of Nebraska.


Why We Need Art - A Presentation at Shine Nov. 19th, 2014