This month Michael brings us to the Opus garden where he shows us how to make an organic spring salad.

Dressing – Add 3 parts olive oil to 1 part sherry vinegar from Spain and whisk, Next add salt and pepper, and just pluck off parsley and chives and mix in to complete dressing.

Salad – Peel the red carrots, dice cucumbers, and place dried tomatoes, pecan halves and sun dried cranberries all on the outsides of a plate. Next, in a bowl mix organic greens and add desired amount of dressing and place salad in middle of the plate and serve.

Ingredients: Dressing – Sherry Vinegar from Spain, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pepper, Salt, Parsley and Chives.

Salad – Organic Greens, Red Carrots, Dried Tomatoes, Diced Cucumbers, Toasted Pecans, Sun Dried Cranberries.

Next time on the 3 Minute Gourmet Mr. Long shows us how to make Chocolate Soup.