Boulder start Up week is developing from an elitist all white college aged “new entrepreneurial vision of neo -com American business run by wine and coffee snobs” to something that the city of Boulder has endorsed and made an official event. In it’s early days BSUW was an invite, register only press censored event.  Much of it was low on substance and high on partying.  Don’t get us wrong Boulder start Up week is still a week long drinking convention for 20 and early 30  somethings, but it now has to conform to city strict Human rights policies. Read. It is now open to the public, press and the homeless.

Some of the more serious presentations for entrepreneurs are held by Metzger and Associates  and the Boulder Chamber who bring in qualified mentors to actually assist aspiring Start Ups. Yet the week is an overt promotion to attract tech companies to Boulder.  Look at the schedule of events and much of it partying  drinking.  Boulder has a huge rep for drinking drugging and partying in the start Up scene and for those looking for that, you won’t be disappointed.  Yet, the schedule has tons of events and with a discerning eye you are bound to find something useful.


“What is Boulder Startup Week?
Each May, we throw a 5-day event that showcases the unique startup culture of Boulder. No registration required. You’ll find meetups, coffee shop pow-wows, the largest Ignite in the world, parties, drinks, food, hikes, bike rides, sun, and good people.
Wednesday is the official launch of Boulder Startup Week 2013. People from across the Front Rage will be flocking to Boulder to get a taste of the entrepreneurial culture and what it means to get an idea off the ground.boulder start up week

Here is Boulder start Up week Schedule
Maybe you’re in search of a co-founder. Maybe you need workshops to help your ideas to take shape.
Maybe you just need beer.mWhatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it over the five-day span of this year’s Boulder Startup Week. We’ve created a dang-near definitive go-to guide to help you get the most out of the week. Buckle up and let’s go.
Looking for a gig? There’s an entire listing of who’s hiring.
Need the schedule? You can access each day’s events right here.
Want to attend an event? Each event on the calendar has an Eventbrite link. BE SURE TO REGISTER. Many events are beyond full at this point. While some don’t have max capacities, some do. Be sure to check the Eventbrite link on each event before you just show up.Going to Ignite Boulder on the 15th? It’s sold out. Be glad you scored tickets. If you need tickets, sending out a tweet can sometimes help as can standing in front of the Boulder Theater to snag a spare from people who have already bought tickets and have a spare.Need to get to Boulder Startup Week? Catch the Uber Express Bus. The bus schedule is right here. Buses are running multiple times per day between Denver and Boulder to make it easy.Have you registered to attend Boulder Beta? Well, why not? It’s kinda the big shindig of the whole week. Tickets are $15 and available here.Need to feed? Nearly every day features breakfast and lunch sessions, sponsored by some of the coolest startups in Boulder. Be sure to say thank you as you breeze by and grab that pancake, breakfast burrito, or lunchtime taco-and-beer.For more information, stop by the Boulder Startup Week popuptent on Pearl Street. See you there!

some information was gathered from Erica Napalatono and Boulder Startup  website