We visit the Boulder Farmer’s Market in the late spring and talk with some of the vendors, promoters and patrons, first we talk with the event promoter about what’s new this year at the market and the Jann looks around at some of the shops and then talks with Don Mock, former Boulder City Councilmen and President of Dushanbe Sister City Group, about his work with the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse and the sister city group. Then we check out some more people and things at the market, The Family Dog – A very nice family show off their Irish Wolfhound, The Rock and Roll Marathon Denver Information – We learn about the Rock and Roll Marathons that take place around the country, every mile you can stop and listen to some great music and help support the American Cancer Society and Kitty and the Coyote – we visit a Mountain Lion, Bobcat and a Coyote.