We finally tried everything at the Market in the food court. Tammy’s Vietnam noodle bowls with meat is excellent. So are the dumplings from the Vietnamese lady just up from Tammy. Fast Eddies hot dogs are so so, not as good as when Eddie owned the stand. Laudisio’s oven pizza is good. Boulder ice cream is excellent, not overprice, just the best. Mod market is just what it sounds like….. a social media hype..not great.sucks. The tamale stand is very good. The falafel stand is terrible, over priced, tasteless, little swarma, not much content, mostly cold pit bread….Cold! Just awful! You can’t go skimping in Boulder. The early morning Muffin guy muffins are good ( knew a cat named muffin ) ask for the tri-athlete muffin , our fave with blueberry and banana.

So our number One choice is Tammy’s Vietnamese stand with lot of great fairly priced cuisines. Service is fast plus you get plenty to eat.. The ice cream stand is number one for desserts. You get a nice big bowl for $3 and a huge bowl for $4. The ice cream is extremely good too.