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Village Coffee Shop cross section of real Boulder


The Village Coffee Shop’s motto is “890 square feet of reality surrounded by Boulder”.
This is the first place I ate when I moved to Boulder in 1974. It is exactly the same today as it was then, except the food is better.
The charm of Village Coffee Shop is that it is a mix of a lot of good Boulderites, CU students, sports people, lawyers, biz owners, workers, …regular Boulder people.
It is not filled with the “latest - wave crazed” be seen here today gone tomorrow, types. Also, you wouldn’t dare come here , open your computer, sit for three hours and order coffee….nope…no wifi…
You’d probably order Ham and eggs and then - go to work…like to your job…or to football practice at Dal Ward.

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Rueben’s Burger Bistro in Boulder


Rueben’s Burger Bistro in Boulder is a happy place. It’s the kind of place you take your kids on a Friday night  before the Buffalo Stampede on Pearl Street. Married couples might meet there on the same night same time for drinks. It is chatty, noisy, friendly, breezy, open and just so doggone American it makes you feel good to go out at night.
This is the kind of place where you get a huge fat burger made any way you want it with fries. It is not a chain and is downtown at B-way and Walnut so it is in the heart of Restaurant row. They also serve Mac and cheese anyway you want it so kids love this place.  And let’s face it with a lot of downtown upscale restaurants aimed at singles and not families, Reuben’s is definitely a place where you’ll feel comfortable with the kids , yet feel like you have not fallen into a cultural abyss by being forced to endure Red Robin…which is fine…it is just not upscale and downtown.
They have a big bar too and a wide selection of Belgium beers. We did notice few Martinis being served, but all and all this place was Rockin  at 7:00 pm  At night they have bands on weekends plus a bunch of TV’s which might as well been off cause people were into each other while we were there.
The decor of the Restaurant is worth noting. It was originally designed as a Mediterranean French restaurant so it’s nice. There is outdoor seating  comfy booths and lounges inside.  They even have new grass outside some kids and dads were playing on. So Rueben’s is the most wholesome downtown restaurant where you can get a drink, not have to deal with attitude from customers or staff nor see drunk moms trying to get kids to be quiet. You can go to the Kitchen, Med or Brasserie 1010 for that.  Rueben himself is a good guy, friendly and has been in the Boulder restaurant biz for 15 years so he knows what he’s doing.

Johnson's Corner

Johnson's Corner on I-25 north to Loveland


Any foodie or especially Boulder chefs have been to Johnson’s Corner at the Johnson’s Corner Exit in Loveland north or Boulder on I-25. This award winning American Icon is the most celebrated truck stop for it’s food in the USA. We have eaten there ever since 1975 when Jann wrote the first book on Boulder restaurants. Since we never take a vacation, driving to John’s Corner in the slow lane is a short road trip to glory.Johnson's Corner
Yesterday, Thursday was “free pie day” with any meal over 8.95. $8.95 happens to be the highest average price on the menu so you already know this place is not over priced. Johnson’s Corner pies are baked in their kitchen every morning and there is a selection of approximately 12 pies. Now the pies are not as good as Sally’s home made pies at Great Harvest Bread Company in Boulder, but they are pretty darn good. Back in the day when Mrs Johnson made all of the pies they were to die for. But still these pies are top notch.
Our favorite is Millionaire Pie. The apple pie is very good as is the seasonal peach and strawberry pies. Lemon Meringue is excellent and the Chocolate cream is good too. The Custard and pumpkin pies are also very good.The blueberry and cherry pies are good. The banana cream pie has real bananas in it. Then there is the mince pie and rhubarb ..well the list goes on.
But where can you go in Boulder to order this magnitude of fresh baked pies. Nowhere. In fact most restaurants don’t serve pie.
You might want rent the 2007 Sun Dance award winning movie “Waitress” if you are into pies and incredible cinema color.
You’ll have the munches afterwards . Then head out to Johnson’s corner.
Even though this review is about pies, we have to mention what we ate for dinner. Sliced Turkey breast, stuffing and mashed potatoes, peas and coffee. Total bill $12.00. Also, there is a boatload of kitsch in the truck stop store so you can buy a bumper sticker that reads: “Would you mind not driving so close, while I’m on the phone”
This place is “so not Boulder”, that it fits perfectly.

Mod Market M-rocks much to our amazement


Sorry couldn’t resist cheesy headline. Oooh. We take back anything we might have said about @ModMarket in Boulder. They do rock. we had the small Mod salad with chicken and easy on the dressing. Cost $7 something. Excellent. Plenty of food, fresh and fun. @29thstreet, this restaurant was clean! And Modern. Very 2001 Space Odyssey. The mens room has these super hi powered hand air dryers that kids will love. Just trust us on that one. ( Do not attempt to dry family cat here after bath)

Foolish Craigs', review, Yelp, food good but waitress's are dirty


We ate at Foolish Craigs on Pearl Street. The food was good, but the waitress was so dirty , that it took away from our dinning experience.   When we talked to another waitress friend about the uncleanliness of the place all we met with was a wall of denial.  But there is nothing worse than to have your waitress wipe her hands on her black apron, have her clothes smeared with food, have her hands dirty and pretty much look and act like a dirty hippie pig.

All of the staff are like that at Foolish Craigs, so that in itself negates any good quality of the food. So we won’t talk about it.  Not that we are overly pristine. On the contrary we appreciate casual. but we hate, absolutely hate dirty floors, dirty tables, dirty kitchen and t0 the extreme, dirty wait staff.  We talked to Craig and he just didn’t seem to care what we thought. WTF. That’s it on them.

Who serves the best breakfast in Boulder??? For families it has to be The original Pancake House.


Who serves the best breakfast in Boulder??? For families it has to be The original Pancake House.
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Boulder County Farmers Market 2016

Boulder Farmers market food court What’s great and what sucks


We finally tried everything at the Market in the food court. Tammy’s Vietnam noodle bowls with meat is excellent. So are the dumplings from the Vietnamese lady just up from Tammy. Fast Eddies hot dogs are so so, not as good as when Eddie owned the stand. Laudisio’s oven pizza is good. Boulder ice cream is excellent, not overprice, just the best. Mod market is just what it sounds like….. a social media hype..not The tamale stand is very good. The falafel stand is terrible, over priced, tasteless, little swarma, not much content, mostly cold pit bread….Cold! Just awful! You can’t go skimping in Boulder. The early morning Muffin guy muffins are good ( knew a cat named muffin ) ask for the tri-athlete muffin , our fave with blueberry and banana.

So our number One choice is Tammy’s Vietnamese stand with lot of great fairly priced cuisines. Service is fast plus you get plenty to eat.. The ice cream stand is number one for desserts. You get a nice big bowl for $3 and a huge bowl for $4. The ice cream is extremely good too.

Conor O'Neill's for lunch …… not a grrreat choice


We had the Shepard’s pie for $11.00. It tasted just like Dinty Moore Beef Stew. Yum. nuff said? The Cheese burger was tasteless, dry and not that great either. We liked Smash Burger and Lark Burger better and we really didn’t like them all that much. We did get sick after Conor O’Neils lunch so all in all it was a classless crappy meal for a total of $27 bucks.

The outdoor deck was a pit and the inside needs to be painted. We know it is a favorite of many locals and certainly when you’re drunk on your ass who the hell cares. But we are in search of great Boulder lunches.

Il Pastaio lunch buffet to die for


Here is a lunch buffet first suggested by one of our 800 @eatmeboulder twitter followers. Alice then suggested it, so there we went. For $8.50 this is another killer perfecto Italian buffet in Boulder. The lunch menu changes daily. Today, they had 3 different types of lasagna, fresh statued string beans, or any one of 7 vegetables of choice. The cooking is excellent old school northern Italian fare. The husband wife owners are from Italy. Italian customers came in while we were there. Italian music played softly in the background and there were pictures of Italy on the walls. A painting of the tower of Pizza sets on an easel to greet you in the entrance. So score this one an A. However, they do use Styrofoam plates and plastic forks which we don’t mind…considering this place is all about the food, but we would like a little stiffer plastic fork.

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