Precision Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & ElectricWhen it comes to great service for your plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical needs across the Boulder and Denver regions, you can count on the professionalism and value you receive from Precision Plumbing the trusted choice in tens of thousands of homes and businesses, with over 30 years of fast local service.

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Precision Plumbing News

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Precision Plumbing - Happy Holidays Heating Giveaway

Precision Plumbing, Heating and Air in Boulder is giving away a Free Heating System for the family or individual who needs it the most this holiday season in the Boulder/Denver Area. The system is estimated around $5,500 and will be installed by the professionals at Precision and will be a major upgrade to the current system in the home of 1 lucky winner. Every applicant will be considered and to enter Please visit the website to submit yourself or nominate someone you know who is in need. Also please describe the current system in the home and provide a[READ|SHARE]
Precision Plumbing - Furnace

Precision Plumbing - Furnace

Dave Phillips, from Precision Plumbing and heating tells us about some key reason to replace your old furnace and some things a new furnace will help make your home more energy efficient and of course more comfortable.[READ|SHARE]
Precision Plumbing - Sinks and Bath

Precision Plumbing - Sinks and Bath

Dave from Precision Plumbing and Heating explains some of the reasons why your home and bathroom and kitchen may need new plumbing and fixtures, as well we get a quick look outdoors at the garden spouts and why you should disconnect your hoses in the winter.[READ|SHARE]

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