Rueben’s Burger Bistro in Boulder is a happy place. It’s the kind of place you take your kids on a Friday night  before the Buffalo Stampede on Pearl Street. Married couples might meet there on the same night same time for drinks. It is chatty, noisy, friendly, breezy, open and just so doggone American it makes you feel good to go out at night.
This is the kind of place where you get a huge fat burger made any way you want it with fries. It is not a chain and is downtown at B-way and Walnut so it is in the heart of Restaurant row. They also serve Mac and cheese anyway you want it so kids love this place.  And let’s face it with a lot of downtown upscale restaurants aimed at singles and not families, Reuben’s is definitely a place where you’ll feel comfortable with the kids , yet feel like you have not fallen into a cultural abyss by being forced to endure Red Robin…which is fine…it is just not upscale and downtown.
They have a big bar too and a wide selection of Belgium beers. We did notice few Martinis being served, but all and all this place was Rockin  at 7:00 pm  At night they have bands on weekends plus a bunch of TV’s which might as well been off cause people were into each other while we were there.
The decor of the Restaurant is worth noting. It was originally designed as a Mediterranean French restaurant so it’s nice. There is outdoor seating  comfy booths and lounges inside.  They even have new grass outside some kids and dads were playing on. So Rueben’s is the most wholesome downtown restaurant where you can get a drink, not have to deal with attitude from customers or staff nor see drunk moms trying to get kids to be quiet. You can go to the Kitchen, Med or Brasserie 1010 for that.  Rueben himself is a good guy, friendly and has been in the Boulder restaurant biz for 15 years so he knows what he’s doing.