Colorado Magazine comes to you from all over the state and archived on and Comcast Entertainment Television. This week we bring you first to Cherokee Dining in 12th Ave. in Denver where Jann gets a taste of their traditional American and Mexican fare. The highly knowledgeable sales staff at Listen Up in Denver will get you exactly what you need and more for your home entertainment system. The highest quality watches around at Swiss Chalet Watch and Clock Shop on East Side Pearl Street in Boulder. Time to hit the slopes and what better place then Breckenridge Ski Resort, then Gorgeous Food with Jena Latham helps some young inspiring chef’s with making her Chicken Italiano Dish. Our producer Jann Scott brings us his short blog “Jann Scott Live”. Hotshots movie reviews with Dan Culberson looks at the movie Atonement. Then One Republic’s music video “Apologize” on and this week’s Colorado Magazine.

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