A retro look at the craft beer industry in America. It’s Jann Scott Tonite’s 1997 Best Brews in Colorado TV special, he visits breweries and talks with people about their favorite beers and drinking stories. First brewery is the Left Hand Brewing Company where we learn about Ales and Lagers and some of the things they add to the beers during the brewing process. Then Jann heads back to Estes Park Brewery to learn about some new beers they make and how they’re made. Then we talk with the creators of New Belgium Beer in Ft. Collins. After that Jann heads just down the path to Odell’s Brewing Company and learn how they got into the retail bottling business. Then back in Boulder Jann visits with Rockies Brewing formerly Boulder Beer and learn how the new owners completely turned the oldest Colorado beer brewery business around. Jann then heads back to Ft. Collins to H.C. Berger Brewing and we get a short history of their beer and what food pairings they go good with. And what’s a beer tour without more beer! Jann heads to Breckenridge Brewery and learn about the history of their beer and how they grew to large for the city of Breck and moved to Denver to grow their operation. Then it’s off to BJ’s Brewery in Boulder and we learn about their Pizza and of course beer. That’s not all, Jann also visits the Rock Bottom Brewery in Downtown Denver and learn about some of their beers, how they brew it and how much they go through a day. After that Jann visits the Denver Chop House and talk shortly with their brewmaster and check out their new beers. The show then wraps up at the Walnut Brewery in Boulder, hope you enjoyed the tours and try out some of the great Colorado made Brews!