Can Bernie still win the Election ?

Just when you thought this election couldn’t get any zanier, a fun and pun-minded tea company today introduces DEM 2016 PhiladelphiaDemocraTEA 2016, a lighthearted, non-partisan campaign inviting the public to let tea leaves help determine who will be named El PresidenTEA by voting for either Hillary ClintTEAn or Donald TEArump. Better yet, even Bernie has a shot at winning this particular Presidential race thanks to a special Blueberny Sanders tea! Please check out the release below and kindly let me know if you might consider a mention in the next future (images and an interview with DemocraTEA 2016’s Noah Bleich are also available). Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Peter Berk (contact info below) Can Tea Leaves Predict The Election? Vote For Hillary ClinTEAn, Donald TEArump & Even Blueberny Sanders During 45-Day DemocraTEA 2016 Campaign Beginning Today Select Your Preferred Candidate Or The One You Think Will Be In The Most Hot Water This November! LOS ANGELES, CA., AUGUST 29, 2016 – For well over a year, even the brightest pundits and pollsters in the country have been utterly confounded by the surprising twists and turns of what is arguably the wackiest Presidential campaign in American history. Maybe it’s time, then, to predict the outcome of the race in an equally bizarre – albeit time-honored – way: reading tea leaves! Introducing DemocraTEA 2016 (, the brand new bi-parteasan campaign courtesy of The TeaBook (, makers of fine teas and the world’s first high-end book for storing, serving and sharing tea. DemocraTEA 2016 invites supporters of liberTEA to cast their vote (as many times as they want!) for one of two newly packaged teas: Hillary ClinTEAn (Vanilla Essence) or Donald TEArump (Pure White Tea with Peach). The winner of this first-ever Presidential teaser campaign will not only have bragging rights to being the front-runner for the White House weeks before that “other” election November 8, but will help re-define the meaning of the words “tea party” for all time. To determine who will be elected El PresidenTEA during the DemocraTEA 2016, voters can visit the site and choose either their favorite candidate or the one they predict will be in the most hot water come Election Day. In support of this tantealizing new campaign, artist Cheri Pere has created wonderfully original packages for both the Hillary ClinTEAn and Donald TEArump teas. Those with sharp satirical eyes will spot several lighthearted shout-outs alluding to each candidate’s distinct public profiles (please go to for images and answers). In This Election, Bernie Can Still Win! Taking place between August 23 and October 9, DemocraTEA 2016 will determine which Presidential candidate’s platform resonates most with voters – Hillary’s “I’m With Tea,” or The Donald’s “Make Tea Great Again.” And for those who would still like to pour a little love on The Bern, DemocraTEA 2016 will – if Kickstarter pledges reach a certain plateau – serve up a “Blueberny Sanders” tea as well! What’s more, teas based on the two major party VP candidates, along with the Libertarian and Green party candidates, are also in the works. In addition, The TeaBook will also hold several Teabates (details pending) to take place both during and following the DemocraTEA 2016 campaign. The TeaBook’s new ClinTEAN and Donald TEArump teas join such other fun TeaBook periodic Collect Teables (www.collectteables/) as Agatha ChrisTEA, ShakeSpearmint and Mark Twainquility. Commented Noah Bleich, founder and CEO of The TeaBook, “With an election this fluid, it seemed only natural that tea should tell us who’s got the election in the bag. Not since 1773’s Boston Tea Party has tea had this much influence on U.S. history, and I look forward to this being our most popular set of Collect Teables ever.” About The TeaBook Based in Los Angeles, The TeaBook was created by Noah Bleich to offer tea lovers everywhere a lightweight, stylish, affordable and easy-to-pass-around book for storing, serving and sharing tea. Available in several colors and an ideal gift for family members, friends, co-workers or yourself, the stylish TeaBook can share shelf space with cookbooks in the kitchen or complement any coffee – make that, tea – table. Please visit for more info or to make a purchase. Fun OddiTEAS – 80% of Americans drink tea, but only 55% voted in the last election! – Every day, 50% of Americans enjoy tea – Factor in iced tea and tea leaves coffee in the dust with American consumption up to 85% – Tea leaves have been used to predict the future since the 1600s – Other than the new TeaBook, tea storage hasn’t really changed in centuries (believe it or not, we’re still using the same old box!)