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Boulder Restaurants and Food on Boulder channel 1 is a search engine. We list every restaurant in Boulder from A to Z and ha 4by category. We  put up Boulder Restaurant website, phone number, address, food categories, a map and review section . Sponsors get more including top listing. We also list Movies and weather for you when you go out . To get your restaurant listed write: List me:

We update Boulder restaurants  daily. We are locally produced by people not computers.  Some listings have a TV icon. We shoot TV segments you can visit the restaurant before you go. You can scroll down the More videos and click on any restaurant you want to see. Each video is 3 minutes .

Our polling and focus groups show people in Boulder go out to dinner and then a movie so if you click on Dinner and a Movie, it will take you to this weeks movie listing. Our weather link on each page takes you NOAA Boulder weather. We also provide a restaurant coupon section for free dinners and two for one special. You’ll notice on the left cooking video blogs by Boulder chefs. These are 3 minute TV shows about favorite recipes. We have restaurant sponsors listed in our banner ads in each category and at the bottom of each page.

Best of BoulderWe pretty much get to know all of our sponsored restaurants and since Boulder is a small city. We consider them friends.Our Boulder restaurant section actually started back in 1975 when Jann Scoitt wrote the Book of Boulder Bar and Restaurant Hopping. We expanded to The Boulder Restaurant Show which appeared on Channel 54 and more recently on channel 22 with host Jann Scott.

This new restaurant section and search on Boulder channel 1 began in 2008 on and then on a separate on Boulder Channel 1.  After all we are local. We have polled you to find out what is important to you. We are a 7 day a week 24 hours a day company. Please tell your friends and send this link to everyone in Boulder. For comments, feedback advertising, web work, video and show production Email us here: Boulder Channel 1 Restaurants or call us at 303-447-8531

Services we provide to local Boulder restaurants include: Website development and management, social media management including twitter, Face book , Pintrest and more; Video segments, Banner ads; Management of review sites, PR stories Live TV shows with one of our talent at your restaurant. We manage reviews and seo.  We do it all. We are the oldest and biggest restaurant ad agency and pr firm in Boulder   We are a TV channel and News paper too. wow. So do yourself a favor, don’t hire some guy or girl one of your cooks know. You will regret it. It is a Boulder nightmare story. Hire us to begin with and be happy. Don’t worry. :)

About the Boulder Restaurant Channel
CEO Jann Scott started in newspapers, talk radio and TV in the 1970′s, He has been in the restaurant scene since 1975 when he wrote the Book of Boulder Bar and Restaurant Hopping. Jann wrote that “classic “. On TV Jann began Best restaurants in Boulder in 1992, the Boulder restaurant Show on Tv and radio in ’91. We have been on the restaurant media scene longer than anybody in Boulder. Then we started this Internet TV site in 1999. We polled you to find out what is important to you. We are a 7 day a week 24 hrs a day company. Our staff of 7 consists of designers, writers, SM professionals, web experts, video pros and reps. We are not new to this and we are not a one person operation. We’ll be here when you need us. In boulder that is important.

We list every restaurant in Boulder from A to Z and by category. It puts up their website, phone number, address, food categories, a map and review section from Google. Plus we list weather and Boulder movies all in one site. It is updated daily and we are locally produced by people not computers. Some listings have a TV icon.

Our Category and Tag section is designed for the on the run diner to find exactly what you are looking for. No one has a search like ours. So if you search for pizza or French food, you will find find everyone in Boulder.

Dinner and a Movie Our polling and focus groups show people in Boulder go out to dinner and then a movie so if you click on Dinner and a Movie, it will take you to this week’s movie listing.

Weather Our weather link on each page takes you NOAA Boulder weather. We also provide a restaurant coupon section for free dinners and two for one special.

Videos We shoot TV segments you can visit the restaurant before you go. The videos actually play on the Boulder Restaurant Channel Homepage 24/7 streaming. You can scroll down the more videos and click on any restaurant you want to see. Each video is 3 minutes.

Sponsors At the top of each page there are sponsored links. We pretty much get to know all of our sponsored restaurants and since Boulder is a small city. We have polled you to find out what is important to you. We provide a targeted platform for you to showcase your restaurant We provide banner ads, video, sm, websites, pages, top position, TV, reviews and PR. We handle everything.

We still produce the Boulder Restaurant TV show hosted by local Celeb Jann Scott. You can see it here and on Cable. ( this is a good one to get your restaurant into.

Our unique “Dinner and a Movie” option lets you see what movies are playing so you can plan the perfect evening of, well.. dinner and a movie. We have also provided the “local weather” (straight from NOAA) so you can plan accordingly.

The Restaurant Videos have been produced by us and take an in-dept look at the owners, staff, chiefs, and of of course the food! Each video is about 3 minutes long, just long enough to give you the information you need.

Cooking Video Blogs show some local chiefs doing what they do best, updated weekly showing their favorite recipes or how to cooking instruction pieces for your pleasure.

Our Sponsors are local cheifs and business owners that live for what they do and know just how much you value the ability to see them doing what they do best, and most importantly the fact that you are able to search for them in one place or Boulder Restaurants. Our sponsors are our friends and sometimes our friends want to hook you up, so we provided a “Coupons section for them to pass on some savings and free stuff, not too bad huh?

Please tell your friends and send this link to everyone in Boulder. For comments, feedback advertising, web work, video and show production please

Boulder Food and Restaurants

The Boulder Restaurant Channel is moving right along!


Boulder Food and RestaurantsBoulder Channel 1 has merged it’s food section with the Boulder Restaurant Channel and Search Engine in efforts to bring everything we can into one place including; Restaurant Listings, Restaurant Videos, Restaurant News, Restaurant Reviews, Cooking Shows, Recipes, and more.

In the process we have also created a new feature, based off an old idea, that lists out all the restaurants in Boulder Alphabetically. We also feature out our personal favorites and have organizing all the restaurants in town into various categories including cuisine type, location, and other popular restaurant features.

Over time we will continue to grow this section to offer everything food related in Boulder including new restaurant listings, happening spots, menus, music venues, chef’s blogs, and of course more and more videos to provide you a first hand look at these great eating places.

Enjoy and if you have a restaurant review or a recipe you’d like to submit to our new sections, please email us and we’ll get it on our site. Thanks for visiting and happy eating Boulder!


Not your mother’s math prof to speak at #CU


Offbeat math professor Edward Burger to speak at CU-Boulder March 15 If you despise math and the sight of an equation makes you physically ill, Professor Edward Burger of Baylor University and Williams College may be able to heal you during a talk at the University of Colorado Boulder on Thursday, March 15. Burger’s talk, titled “Zero to Infinity: Great Moments in the History of Numbers,” will be held at 6 p.m. in the Mathematics Building room 100. The talk is free and open to the public and pizza and refreshments will be served afterward. Burger plans to answer a number of questions in his lecture, including whether humans are the only animals that can count, how the desire to count made it possible for William Shakespeare to write his plays, and whether negative numbers were invented to explain Burger’s own checking account balance.

Burger, who is on the record as saying “no one in their right mind would ever go to a math talk,” is not your run-of-the mill math educator. He has worked as a stand-up comedian, wrote jokes for Jay Leno in the late 1980s, starred in an episode of NBC’s “Science of the Winter Olympics” in 2010 that won him a prestigious Telly Award, and most recently is being featured in “The Science of NHL Hockey” on NBC News. “The talk is intended as whirlwind tour of the history of numbers and watch them grow from practical tools used by ancient shepherds to practical tools used to drive the digital age,” said Burger, who was named was named Vice-Provost of Strategic Educational Initiatives at Baylor University in 2011.  “If you love the humanities, sciences, social sciences, medical science, business, engineering or anything involving human thought, this talk is for you.” Burger is considered by many to be the nation’s leader in math education. In 2006 Reader’s Digest named him “America’s Best Math Teacher.” In 2010 he was named the winner of the Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching by Baylor University, an award that carried a $250,000 prize and is believed to be the largest and most prestigious award in higher education teaching in the nation across all disciplines. In 2010 the Huffington Post named Burger as one of the world’s 100 “Game-Changers,” a list that included “innovators, visionaries, mavericks and leaders who are re-shaping their fields and changing the world.” He also is an associate editor of the American Mathematical Monthly and of Math Horizons Magazine. In a 2005 Boston Public Library lecture on topology — the study of the properties of geometric figures or solids that remain unchanged during stretching or bending — he demonstrated that it was possible to tie a six-foot rope snugly around his right ankle and then his left ankle, take off his pants, turn them inside out and put them back on without ever cutting the rope. He once had 600 beach balls poured from the balcony of a packed auditorium at Williams College in Williamstown, Mass. onto the heads of audience members to demonstrate a math principle. Burger’s deep passion for math is founded on the premise that it should be made lively, fun and educational. “The idea is to entertain and enlighten,” he said. “My goal is get people to have fun thinking, have a better feeling about math, and to look at things in a slightly different way.” Burger is the author of more than 35 research articles, 12 books and 15 video series.  He has delivered more than 400 lectures and appeared on more than 40 radio and TV programs, including ABC News Now and National Public Radio.  He has been a visiting mathematics professor at CU-Boulder three times. His upcoming book, “The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking,” offers students, teachers, business people and life-long learners ways of being more creative and innovative.  It is being published this summer by Princeton University Press.

Gluten-free What is It? and Why I went there by Julie McGinnis, MS, RD



Good question. The recent trend in gluten-free foods is allowing many to realize that gluten has not been good for their health. Aches clear up, inflammation goes away, headaches and migraines vanish, digestion improves, chronic anemia resolves, auto immune diseases go into remission, etc. So, what key to wellness does a gluten-free diet hold? Many. The two conditions improved by a gluten-free diet are celiac disease (CD) and gluten intolerance (GI). Celiac disease (CD) affects 1 out of 133 Americans, or about 3 million people. This autoimmune disorder is genetic and leaves one unable to digest gluten properly. The result of this autoimmune disorder is damage and flattening to the villi that are responsible for absorption of nutrients. Gl affects about 1 out every 10 people and it is an inability to digest gluten, much like lactose intolerance, and can result in much of the same health problems as those with CD. Ninety percent of those with CD are still undiagnosed and those with GI are usually diagnosing themselves.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye and in many cases oats due to cross contamination with wheat in processing. The list of forbidden foods is long, as wheat is found in many forms in many products. For a complete list of both safe and forbidden foods please visit The theories as to why many of us feel better eating a gluten-free diet stem from a few areas of reason. One is that the wheat we have been eating for the last few decades that has been genetically modified to resist pests and drought, and with that change came an inability to digest the protein. Along those lines according to substantial research done by Dr. Loren Cordain, PhD, author of The Paleo Diet, 10,000 years ago cereal grains were introduced into the diet as a result of the agricultural revolution. Until that time, for 2 million years, we were hunter gatherers. The foods that agriculture brought us cereals, dairy products, fatty meats, salted foods, and refined sugars and oils- proved disastrous for our Paleolithic bodies. As well summarized by Jack Challem, The Nutrition Reporter, Look at in another way, 100,000 generations of people were hunter-gatherers, 500 generations have depended on agriculture, and only 10 generations have lived since the start of the industrial age, and only two generations have grown up with highly processed fast foods. This short period of time in the course of man’s existence that grains have been around has proven that many of us are not physiologically able to tolerate gluten.

Going gluten-free can be a miracle for those living with chronic conditions that cannot be helped by medications or other therapies. Dr. Braly, author of Dangerous Grains, reports that undiagnosed sensitivities to gluten, gliadin, and other grain proteins are the root cause of many cancers, autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases, chronic pain syndromes, psychiatric and other brain disorders, and premature death. He further states, There is also a clear causal connection with some cases of osteoporosis, epilepsy, learning disorders, attention deficit disorders, infertility, miscarriage, premature births, chronic liver disease, and short stature. By avoiding all gluten containing foods for 10 days many can feel conditions improve and this is an easy way to see if gluten is indeed a problem for you.

These days the gluten-free world offers many great things; bread that actually toasts, bagels, and in some progressive areas pizza and pasta out in the restaurants. When shopping it is easy to fall prey to buying a lot of junk food gluten-free items that may taste good but offer no nutritional value. Many of the gluten-free flours used in main stream products lack vitamins and minerals. These flours are not fortified like wheat flour so try to choose products made with flours that are nutrient dense like buckwheat, brown rice, sorghum and coconut. These flours provide protein, fiber, B vitamins and minerals. It is important to eat a healthy diet and restore nutrient status in your body. GI and CD often deplete the body and leave many with less than optimal health.

Julie McGinnis, MS, RD, gluten-free 8 years
Owner, The Gluten Free Bistro
The Gluten Free Bistro ( offers a blog that converts many of Martha Stewart’s recipes to gluten-free and supplies restaurants in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.

Parking Space Day

Parking Space Day


The Cup Espresso Cafe in Boulder hosts this special even where they use their parking space for the people and not the cars like other cities around the country are also taking part in.

Ball Museum Watch Tour and HospiceCare Benefit

Ball Museum Watch Tour and HospiceCare Benefit


Swiss Chalet host the annual Ball Museum Watch Tour and Hospice Care Benefit with food by Laudisio and Wines by Augustina Winery. Also a silent auction to benefit HospiceCare of Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Great items including Rado and Hamilton watches!


Village Coffee Shop cross section of real Boulder


The Village Coffee Shop’s motto is “890 square feet of reality surrounded by Boulder”.
This is the first place I ate when I moved to Boulder in 1974. It is exactly the same today as it was then, except the food is better.
The charm of Village Coffee Shop is that it is a mix of a lot of good Boulderites, CU students, sports people, lawyers, biz owners, workers, …regular Boulder people.
It is not filled with the “latest - wave crazed” be seen here today gone tomorrow, types. Also, you wouldn’t dare come here , open your computer, sit for three hours and order coffee….nope…no wifi…
You’d probably order Ham and eggs and then - go to work…like to your job…or to football practice at Dal Ward.

How many Boulder restaurants will feed you when you are down and out?? How about none


If you were poor hungry and homeless ( no one with a twitter or face book account is) and walked into every Boulder restaurant repeatedly and asked for a free meal, how many Boulder Restaurants do you think would feed you?? How many Boulder restaurants have as their mission statement ” We will never turn anyone down for a meal regardless of their ability to pay. ?? We  will turn no one away no matter how many times they come here looking for a meal. ? Even if they are dirty, mentally ill or been drinking he will feed them? How may Restaurants in Boulder have that policy?? All the hip conscious,  we want to change the world restaurants  like the Kitchen or Mod market, you’d think there would be a bunch right?

We aren’t talking about the restaurants who turn their nightly food over to Food Share or do benefits for the Home less shelter. We are talking about; If you are hungry and broke and walked in at 2:30 in the afternoon, how many Boulder restaurants would fix you a plate, give you a rootbeer and say “here you go, everybody has to eat”? Think Dave Query would do that? How about Whole Foods?

How about no they wouldn’t. They’d call the police or security and tell you to get the hell out. There is not one restaurant in Boulder that will feed you for free  day in and day out when you are down and out.

Well there is One, actually.  They not only will feed you, they will help you with other social services needs, too. That place is Daddy Bruce’s Bar B Que. It is run by an 82 year black man, the only black owned Restaurant in Boulder.  This week alone Bruce gave out over 70 meals. On top of that he took four sick men and women to the hospital ER. He took another poor soul to the Eyeglass store and bought her a frame for her broken glasses.  He took another man to Verizon store to buy a Charger for his phone and then after hours he drove a homeless family to Fort Collins.

Why does he do it.? A good old fashioned answer to that question. The bible tells me to. It is what Jesus taught. It is what we are all called to do. So Boulder Foodies, if you want to support a the only Boulder Restaurant with soul, go over to Daddy Bruces and order up $100 dollars worth of Bar B Q this week and pay homage to the holy man  who feeds the poor.

Johnson's Corner

Johnson's Corner on I-25 north to Loveland


Any foodie or especially Boulder chefs have been to Johnson’s Corner at the Johnson’s Corner Exit in Loveland north or Boulder on I-25. This award winning American Icon is the most celebrated truck stop for it’s food in the USA. We have eaten there ever since 1975 when Jann wrote the first book on Boulder restaurants. Since we never take a vacation, driving to John’s Corner in the slow lane is a short road trip to glory.Johnson's Corner
Yesterday, Thursday was “free pie day” with any meal over 8.95. $8.95 happens to be the highest average price on the menu so you already know this place is not over priced. Johnson’s Corner pies are baked in their kitchen every morning and there is a selection of approximately 12 pies. Now the pies are not as good as Sally’s home made pies at Great Harvest Bread Company in Boulder, but they are pretty darn good. Back in the day when Mrs Johnson made all of the pies they were to die for. But still these pies are top notch.
Our favorite is Millionaire Pie. The apple pie is very good as is the seasonal peach and strawberry pies. Lemon Meringue is excellent and the Chocolate cream is good too. The Custard and pumpkin pies are also very good.The blueberry and cherry pies are good. The banana cream pie has real bananas in it. Then there is the mince pie and rhubarb ..well the list goes on.
But where can you go in Boulder to order this magnitude of fresh baked pies. Nowhere. In fact most restaurants don’t serve pie.
You might want rent the 2007 Sun Dance award winning movie “Waitress” if you are into pies and incredible cinema color.
You’ll have the munches afterwards . Then head out to Johnson’s corner.
Even though this review is about pies, we have to mention what we ate for dinner. Sliced Turkey breast, stuffing and mashed potatoes, peas and coffee. Total bill $12.00. Also, there is a boatload of kitsch in the truck stop store so you can buy a bumper sticker that reads: “Would you mind not driving so close, while I’m on the phone”
This place is “so not Boulder”, that it fits perfectly.

Mod Market M-rocks much to our amazement


Sorry couldn’t resist cheesy headline. Oooh. We take back anything we might have said about @ModMarket in Boulder. They do rock. we had the small Mod salad with chicken and easy on the dressing. Cost $7 something. Excellent. Plenty of food, fresh and fun. @29thstreet, this restaurant was clean! And Modern. Very 2001 Space Odyssey. The mens room has these super hi powered hand air dryers that kids will love. Just trust us on that one. ( Do not attempt to dry family cat here after bath)

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