Any foodie or especially Boulder chefs have been to Johnson’s Corner at the Johnson’s Corner Exit in Loveland north or Boulder on I-25. This award winning American Icon is the most celebrated truck stop for it’s food in the USA. We have eaten there ever since 1975 when Jann wrote the first book on Boulder restaurants. Since we never take a vacation, driving to John’s Corner in the slow lane is a short road trip to glory.Johnson's Corner
Yesterday, Thursday was “free pie day” with any meal over 8.95. $8.95 happens to be the highest average price on the menu so you already know this place is not over priced. Johnson’s Corner pies are baked in their kitchen every morning and there is a selection of approximately 12 pies. Now the pies are not as good as Sally’s home made pies at Great Harvest Bread Company in Boulder, but they are pretty darn good. Back in the day when Mrs Johnson made all of the pies they were to die for. But still these pies are top notch.
Our favorite is Millionaire Pie. The apple pie is very good as is the seasonal peach and strawberry pies. Lemon Meringue is excellent and the Chocolate cream is good too. The Custard and pumpkin pies are also very good.The blueberry and cherry pies are good. The banana cream pie has real bananas in it. Then there is the mince pie and rhubarb ..well the list goes on.
But where can you go in Boulder to order this magnitude of fresh baked pies. Nowhere. In fact most restaurants don’t serve pie.
You might want rent the 2007 Sun Dance award winning movie “Waitress” if you are into pies and incredible cinema color.
You’ll have the munches afterwards . Then head out to Johnson’s corner.
Even though this review is about pies, we have to mention what we ate for dinner. Sliced Turkey breast, stuffing and mashed potatoes, peas and coffee. Total bill $12.00. Also, there is a boatload of kitsch in the truck stop store so you can buy a bumper sticker that reads: “Would you mind not driving so close, while I’m on the phone”
This place is “so not Boulder”, that it fits perfectly.