Here is a lunch buffet first suggested by one of our 800 @eatmeboulder twitter followers. Alice then suggested it, so there we went. For $8.50 this is another killer perfecto Italian buffet in Boulder. The lunch menu changes daily. Today, they had 3 different types of lasagna, fresh statued string beans, or any one of 7 vegetables of choice. The cooking is excellent old school northern Italian fare. The husband wife owners are from Italy. Italian customers came in while we were there. Italian music played softly in the background and there were pictures of Italy on the walls. A painting of the tower of Pizza sets on an easel to greet you in the entrance. So score this one an A. However, they do use Styrofoam plates and plastic forks which we don’t mind…considering this place is all about the food, but we would like a little stiffer plastic fork.