This week, Colorado Magazine hosts, This Week, An all new video blog about what’s going on this week in Colorado area and more. The we go to Pupusas Sabor Hispano Restaurant in Boulder for Cinco De Mayo celebration, Jann Scott Live then heads to the C.U. Campus for a 4:20 investigation report, and one of the longest lasting events in Colorado the KBCO Kinetics is this weekend and we take a good look at what the people, who partake in the festivities, do there. After that the Colorado Magazine visits the 2007 Boulder Chamber EXPOsion and interview the vendors. With some spring fitness and training at Customized Nutrition and more on Spring and your lifestyles, we visit Fruehauf’s for a garden show, as well as Great Harvest Boulder for a new episode of Baking With Scott a wonderful show that shows you some of the secrets of baking the best breads and sweets you can, and finally Hotshots with Dan Culberson reviews the Grindhouse Movie.