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Listen Up


Walt Stinson and Steven Weiner founded ListenUp in 1972 to provide the very best in sound reproduction. Over the years that goal has expanded to include categories such as 4K Ultra HD video and advanced automation and control of all other electronics. Today, they have showrooms in Colorado and New Mexico, Commercial and Custom Divisions, and an E-commerce Store that brings over 40 year history of superior service to customers.

Listen Up

Online Customers: 877-744-1179
Service: 303-778-1214
Custom Home Systems: 303-744-1179
Commercial A/V: 303-778-0949
Wholesale: 888-547-8687


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2034 Arapahoe Ave.
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 444-0479

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685 South Pearl Street
Denver, CO 80209
(303) 778-0780

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Colorado Springs
888 E. Woodmen Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 633-2600

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6916 Montgomery Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109-1421
(505) 296-6978

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Listen UP News

Listen Up

Listen Up

Walt Stinson and Steven Weiner founded ListenUp in 1972 to provide the very best in sound reproduction. Over the years that goal has expanded to include categories such as 4K Ultra HD video and advanced automation and control of all other electronics. Today, they have showrooms in Colorado and New Mexico, Commercial and Custom Divisions, and an E-commerce Store that brings over 40 year history of superior service to customers.[READ|SHARE]
Listen Up - Boulder

Listen Up - Boulder

We visit with Bob Murphy at the ListenUp Home entertainment store in Boulder and learn about some of the cool new TV's, Music Distribution Systems and even large theater style home entertainment systems that their professional installers can set your home up with.[READ|SHARE]
Listen Up - Colorado Springs

Listen Up - Colorado Springs

We visit Listen Up in Colorado Springs to learn about the top quality audio electronics and home stereo equipment they carry. We learn more about the high quality Televisions as well as a look at their specialized home theater installation and sound studio.[READ|SHARE]
Listen Up - Denver

Listen Up - Denver

We visit Listen Up to learn about the top quality audio electronics and home stereo equipment they carry in the Denver store which they have expanded to customize your entire home theater experience.[READ|SHARE]
Listen Up - Best of Boulder

Listen Up - Best of Boulder

Our Best of Boulder TV Special visits Listen Up in Boulder and we talk with Bob Murphy about all the exceptional music and home entertainment equipment you can find in their shop. The newest and most exciting things in the store are all the new LCD and Plasma screen TV's that are thinner and a lot lighter than the old box TV's saving room in your home, or if you want to take your home entertainment to the next level, they can set your room up to be a full out home theater with the high end equipment and controls.[READ|SHARE]

C1N.TV Agency signs : Hippie Buckaroos


Channel 1 Networks Boulder office has signed Barbara Joe and the Hippie Buckaroos for full agency services. This includes promoting the upstart cover band on social media, television and all across the C1N Network in Colorado. The Hippie Buckaroo website has been improved. New poster promotions include the unique Artwork originally developed by Todd Ball. YouTube and Facebook promotions. C1N.TV/BoulderChannel1 is running banner ads, videos, and promoting the band on the music TV section. also updated their YouTube page with playlists, and new banners.. They have been promoting the band on their Facebook Music Group Boulder Music scene Bands Dates too.

Boulder Channel 1 is shooting new video for the band and then plans on promoting it in wide distribution as a local music video. C1n.Tv is also acting as Band promoter and has scored some local hotpots including Shine Boulder and Oscar Blues in Longmont.
Hippie Buckaroos
Barbara Jo and the Hippie buckaroos play Classic country, Bluegrass, Folk, Gospel, Western Swing, and Cajun style music. Barbara Jo Kammer, leader of the band has a smooth melodic powerful voice which can fill a music hall

The band was also named one of the Top ten cover bands in Denver by Westword Magazine.

One of the goals at C1n.TV agency services to to take this band all the way to signing with a good band management company and record label. They are a perfect opening act for some Redrock shows too.

1 Jann on set - Copy

Jann Scott Boulder launches new Stock Show TV special


nws 1Jann Scott TV producer and host has a new series . Ever Since 1992 Jann Scott and nws 2Denver Channel 1 have produced a National Western Stock show TV Special. It plays all over the world right here on Denver Channel 1. We also show on Comcast Channel 22 in Boulder County 9-11 pm weeknights in January on 22Boom our magazine show. Every January we go to the Stock show and video the Vendors, rodeo, horses, animals and capture our western Heritage and play it to over 50,000 people a day. Info on this TV special call 303-442-4334 See our TV Show Sheet Download Here.

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‘Playbook’: Denver Broncos offense vs. Seattle Seahawks defense


What did Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning learn about the Seattle Seahawks defense from their preseason game and how can the Seahawks become a problem for Manning?

Enders Game

“Ender’s Game” Is Game Over


“Game Over”

“Hotshots” looks at a movie!

Ender’s Game is based on Owen Scott Card’s novel of the same name for young adults, and so if you are not a young adult, meaning a teenager, you can skip this movie.

Enders Game

In my opinion, even if you are a young adult, a teenager, immature, or even fascinated with video games, you can skip this movie.

Sure, Harrison Ford, Viola Davis, and Ben Kingsley appear in it, but they are there only as adult window dressing for a story that is about kids and for kids.

The hero is Ender Wiggin, the time is in the future, and the plot is that Earth has to be saved from a future invasion of aliens.

Already, I can hear the room filling with a loud chorus of Ho Hums.

We are told that the world’s smartest children are the planet’s best hope, and the reason is that the future invasion will be fought like a video game, which is strange when you think about it, because the only reality casualty in playing video games is something that might just be called “remote thumb” in order to correspond to tennis elbow.

Anyway, don’t think about it, because there is nothing in this movie worth thinking about, except that the filmmakers are probably hoping that this will be the first in a series of franchise movies and there will be more coming, on which they can lose money.

Anyhow, Ender is a young teenage boy who is bullied at school, but who is clever enough at playing video games that he is singled out for special training in anticipation of the future alien invasion.

Ender has a sister, and he tells her, “All I could think was, what would Peter do?”

Peter is their brother, who was selected for training before Ender, but he washed out of the program, which consists of being treated like privates in a military boot camp, but with training that consists of floating around in huge zero gravity sets and firing weapons at each other.

Can I get a “Ho Hum”?

Of course, there are one or more kids who give Ender a hard time, of course there are other kids who support him, and of course Ender succeeds and advances to higher levels of more rigorous training.

Ender’s Game just makes me say “Game over!”

I’m Dan Culberson and this is “Hotshots.”


Huelsbeck screens ‘Unfinished Journey’


Assistant professor Mark Huelsbeck will present his film “Unfinished Journey” at a free screening on Feb. 21 at the Excelsior Museum in St. Augustine to honor Black History Month.

Mark Huelsbeck from Tracey Eaton on Vimeo.

The film records St. Augustine’s acknowledgment of its conflicted past through special events conducted during the summer of 2011 and organized by The City of St. Augustine, The St. Augustine Foot Soldiers Remembrance Project and the St. Augustine 40th Accord. The efforts of activist Andrew Young, the foot soldiers, and beach protestors are chronicled to acknowledge history and foster reconciliation.

Barbara Vickers, president of the Foot Soldiers Remembrance Project, also appears in the movie and will be at the Feb. 21 screening for discussion.

Huelsbeck earned an M.F.A. from The University of Iowa with a focus on film and video production and has a B.A. in Religious Studies from The University of Iowa.

The Excelsior Museum is located at 102 Martin Luther King Ave. in St. Augustine. For more info, call 904-819-6421.


Flagler College is an independent, four-year, comprehensive baccalaureate college located in St. Augustine, Fla. The college offers 24 majors, 29 minors and two pre-professional programs, the largest majors being business, education and communication. Small by intent, Flagler College has an enrollment of about 2,500 students, as well as a satellite campus at Tallahassee Community College in Tallahassee, Fla. U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review regularly feature Flagler as a college that offers quality education at a relatively low cost; tuition is $23,690, including room and board. A relatively young institution (founded in 1968), Flagler College is also noted for the historic beauty of its campus. The main building is Ponce de Leon Hall, built in 1887 as a luxury resort by Henry Flagler, who co-founded the Standard Oil Company with John D. Rockefeller. For more on Flagler College, visit

Source: Flagler College

Moore tornado

Moore Oklahoma Tornado Out break Video from TV Channels


Channel 1 networks has put up video feeds from KFOR, The Weather channel and CNN for this Tornado outbreak.
KFOR TV Oklahoma City

The Weather Channel Live Feed from More Oklahoma

A Good Day to Die Hard - Movie

“A Good Day to Die Hard” a Video Game of Mass Destruction


“Video Game of Mass Destruction”

“Hotshots” looks at a movie!

A Good Day to Die Hard is the fifth in the series of movies starring Bruce Willis as wisecracking action hero John McClane, which began in 1988, and of all the movies in the series, this one is the most recent.

A Good Day to Die Hard

In other words, if you can see only one of the five movies, don’t start with this one.

Yes, there is plenty of action, yes, there are plenty of explosions, yes, there is plenty of gunfire, yes, there are plenty of McClane wisecracks, but no, there is no plot.

Unless you call McClane going to Russia to shoot it up and blow it up to help his estranged son a plot.

McClane hasn’t heard from Jack in years, doesn’t know what he has been doing lately, and yet McClane says, “He could never get out of his own way, he had a lot of problems, but he’s still my kid.”

So, when McClane hears that Jack is on trial for murder in Moscow, McClane decides to go to Russia and help Jack in whatever way he can without even being asked.

And let the mayhem begin.

Jack is willing to testify under oath that another man on trial, Yuri Komarov ordered Jack to kill a third man, but the real purpose of the trial is to force Yuri to hand over a sensitive file he has to authorities.

McClane arrives at the courthouse just as all hell breaks loose, there are explosions, Jack and Yuri escape and seem to be working together, and then McClane joins them to Jack’s obvious displeasure.

McClane and Jack are estranged, remember?

So, now the three of them try to keep from being captured or killed, retrieve the sensitive file, get Yuri’s daughter, and all escape the country.

There are foot chases, there are car chases, there are truck chases, and there are even helicopter chases, all with an excessive amount of gunfire and explosions and even a double cross or two.

Oh, and don’t forget that McClane and Jack will obviously reconcile whatever problems caused their estrangement.

In other words, there is a lot of blithering blather in the movie, too.

A Good Day to Die Hard is nothing more than a video game of mass destruction, and I say don’t waste your money on this sorry excuse of a movie.

I’m Dan Culberson and this is “Hotshots.”


Stop Saying “Take a Look”!


Here’s what gets me.

5[1]Take a look at this.

The three most overused and unnecessary words you ever hear on television are “Take a look.”

Take a look at this.

First of all, except for blind people who only listen to the television set, we are already looking at it, and so people on television don’t have to tell us to look at it!

Take a look at this.

And for all we know, blind people might get offended by being reminded all the time that they can’t see anything whenever told to “take a look.”

Take a look at this.

Second of all, what does saying “Take a look” add that a simple “Look” doesn’t convey?

Take a look at this.

And third of all, the expression in either its shortest form of “Look,” its longer form of “Take a look,” or even its longer forms of “Take a look at this,” “Take a live look,” or “Taking a look at the temperatures” are all just a lazy way of introducing what the meteorologist, traffic reporter, or any other on-camera person wants to talk about next. Much worse is “take a listen.”

Take a look at this.

I first became aware of this lazy crutch of an expression back in the past when I would attend a presentation by a programmer I worked with, and he would mangle it by saying “Take and look” instead of “Take a look.”

Take a look at this.

For example, he would have a visual aid displayed before us and say something like, “If we take and look at the coding, we can see how the reverse Polish notation affects all the lines that follow.”

Take a look at this.

Then I began noticing that the weather girl on the local news that I watch every morning was saying “Take a look” much too often and even more much too unnecessarily.

Take a look at this.

Then I began to notice that the traffic reporter who would follow her weather report was using “Take a look” in his reports, too, and sometimes even saying “Take a look” twice in the same sentence.

Take a look at this.

And then I began to notice that national reporters on television and hosts on national talk shows were being lazy and using the expression, which, when you think about it, doesn’t add anything to the introduction of whatever follows that we are being told to look at.

Take a look at this.

Rather than saying “Take a look at these temperatures,” the weather girl could simply tell us that the temperature in Denver is a pleasant 65 degrees, compared with the temperatures in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City.

Take a look at this.

Rather than saying “Take a look at the traffic map,” the traffic reporter could simply say “The traffic is heavy on the Interstate highway, so you might want to avoid it.”

Take a look at this.

And rather than saying “Take a look” when a national reporter or a talk-show host wants to introduce a piece of video footage, a simple description of what is going to be shown would suffice or even a simple “Play it” when the person might not know what is about to be shown.

Take a look at this.

Now that I have made you aware of this excessive and unnecessary overused expression on television, start counting the number of times you hear it said, and if you use social media to follow either the person you hear say it too much or the program on which you heard it said or even the network on which the person or program appears, write using either of the more popular social-network tools directly to the person, program, or network and encourage them to stop using that now offensive, unnecessary and overused expression.

Take a look at this.

Unfortunately, this might turn out to be a lost cause. Emphasis on good language and effective communication might have been lost ever since the Baby Boomers became a major influence in society in the Sixties.

Take a look at this.

I don’t watch religious shows on television, and so I don’t know if televangelists use the expression in their sermons or requests for money, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did, because I am hearing the expression almost every time I turn on the television.

Take a look at this.

The same goes for politicians.

I rest my case.


Rabbi Nesenoff to discuss anti-Semitism during Flagler lecture


The viral video of White House correspondent Helen Thomas proclaiming that the Jews should “get … out of Palestine” and “go home to Poland and Germany” forced Thomas to resign and catapulted her interviewer, David Nesenoff, into the limelight.

Nesenoff will present “To Catch an Anti-Semite: A Story of Humor, Danger, Spirituality, the Hand of G-d, Media Bias and Cyber Hatred” at Flagler College’s Gamache-Koger Theater on Nov. 4 at 8 p.m.

Nesenoff received JLI’s National Hero Award at the retreat in Greenwich in 2011 and was a guest speaker again this year in Fort Lauderdale. Nesenoff is a very humorous and powerful presenter and has been very well received by dozens of communities throughout North America and Israel.

The Gamache-Koger Theater is in the Ringhaver Student Center at 50 Sevilla St., St. Augustine. For more info, contact Jeremy Krause at

Source: Flagler College

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