editorial by Jann Scott

Most business owners don’t have time to fool around with twitter, facebook, a blog, a website, yelp, linkedin, video, photos and God knows what else. YOU’RE BUSY RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS. I hear it all of the time. Then you hire some SM ( social media ) know it all who builds you a bunch of pretty stuff which is way over priced,.but you have no time to mess with it and it sits there. Or it costs a fortune to have some 30 per hour geek run it and you say To heck with it!! Right? And you are right.Business owner. You spend all this time with sm and it gets you nothing!
. We at Boulder channel 1 have a list of long time Boulder customers who were fed up with the SM hustle and we fixed everything.
We build it all and run it all for very little. we shoot the video, run ads, put you on TV… we do everything . We don’t move out of town next week because weve been here for 30 years. So before you hire anyone in boulder.
call me 303-447-8531