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Kate LaCroix fights back at Eric Budd

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“This is serious enough that that Kate LaCroix has had to call the police , DA meet with attorneys call Twitter and then post this story of harassment stalking intimidation. Enough to put her in fear for her life. Apparently there was an organized effort on Twitter to attack her by multiple people Very very bad. Kate is a humanitarian and business woman ; a community leader. Let’s put a stop to this Boulder! Person 1 Hair: Bald, Top: Leather, Bottom: Bell Bottoms, Age: 40ish, Sex: Male, Race: White, Physical Build: 160 ORIGINAL TEXT FROM KATE This week did not turn out as anticipated. On Tuesday evening I was in the throes of holding the fentanyl seminar with Ben Westhoff. By Thursday morning I was in tears having just been let go by Ben because of a smear campaign conducted against me by local Boulderite Eric Budd. I had future paid events planned with Ben so this felt humiliating and devastating. What followed was a talk with many lawyers—my own counsel and additional counsel that is already familiar with Eric Budd. If the name Eric Budd sounds familiar it’s because he had a run for city council a few years back and is on several political organization boards. He is also the defendant in an ongoing defamation case that you can read more about here: I didn’t know much about Eric Budd until I had no choice to know a lot about Eric Budd. A few weeks ago I started making comments on Twitter about my ideas on various local political topics (homelessness, police, fentanyl, West End closure etc.). As a result, Eric began attacking me and my business in his Tweets. I first wrote to him via email asking him to please stop and to speak with me directly. He did not. I then wrote him a cease and desist letter. At some point, Eric combed through my Twitter going back about 370 Tweets (according to one attorney) to find a conversation I had with someone about how trans women are killed. He then pinned a portion of that conversation to his twitter feed with the words “Always block transphobes like @sheisstocked.” You are welcome to go to his Twitter page @ericmbudd and read it today. Rather than go down the road of “this was taken out of context!” or “that’s not what I meant!” I’ll tell you I have a right to state facts and give my opinion, and that my opinion is protected by the First Amendment. This is the very same amendment Budd’s attorneys are currently using in his defamation defense. Why does he think he is allowed First Amendment protection while I am not allowed First Amendment protection? What could be the cause for such incongruity in thinking? The answer has its roots in misogyny. One of my favorite modern philosophers is Kate Manne,. In her book, Down Girl, she lays out that misogyny is the policing arm of sexism. It is the one that punishes women if they go outside of their conscripted roles. Roles defined, not surprisingly, by men. If they get “too mouthy” or they have too many opinions they then open themselves up to a host of reactions ranging from physical abuse to harassment to, even, death. It’s a sad reality we see played out over and over in the world, both on and offline. After careful consideration, and at the suggestion of counsel, I am going public with what has happened to me. First, we are sending Eric Budd another cease and desist letter with additional compliance. If he does not comply with the letter, I’ll take my story to the media. I’ll also begin taking out advertisements that reflect verifiably true information that has transpired since Eric Budd began harassing me. Too many people are bullied into silence when things like this happen. I refuse to let this go without accountability on Eric Budd’s part. If you’d like to support me, please DM me and I can share my subscriber newsletter and screenshots of what has transpired. I have all the receipts. I am ready. I believe I am in compliance with these rules for Nextdoor. Moderator, if you see an issue of non-compliance, please let me know and I will amend my post. Here are the rules: 
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