Harvest of Hope Pantry in Boulder combines the rich traditions of two Boulder, Colorado Catholic churches, the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center and Sacred Heart of Jesus and their food banks that have served the single poor and families for more 40 years. The Benedictines, a Roman Catholic religious order of monks and nuns, opened the St. Thomas Aquinas Food Bank in 1970, serving the poor from the back porch of the church’s pastoral center. The Sacred Heart of Jesus Food Box Program was founded in 1983 by a dedicated group of parishioners, who prepared boxes of food for needy Boulder households. In 2012, these two Catholic churches combined their programs to form Harvest of Hope Pantry to expand their food bank and hospitality ministries, and to serve the ongoing needs of Boulder’s poor.

The pantry is located 100 yards west of 30th Street on the south side of Valmont Road in a small shopping center next door to the Mexican restaurant Rancho Grande. The closest bus stop is at the corner of 30th Street and Valmont Road.

Harvest of Hope Pantry
2960 Valmont Road
Boulder, CO 80301

(720) 382-1971

Website: http://hopepantry.org/
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E-Mail: barbara@hopepantry.org

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