by George Edward Hardwick
#BSW15 Sonya Looney (pro mountain biking racer) spoke at 2:00 today at Boulder startup Week at the E-town diggs; about pushing the comfort zone, and stepping into the growth zone. In taking bike races that scared her, that a woman may have never done before, and in parts of the world only accessible by bike an yak, she has grown into the young entrepreneur she is today. boulder startup 2
With a masters degree in engineering, the path of pro mountain biking market guru is a little bit of an unexpected path. Realizing that engineering wasn’t what made her happy, she said, “I wanted to see the world from my bike.” Hundreds of races later, she has been around the world, and found a path much different from her degree.
When asked how she was able to pay for everything, financially, she responded with marketing. Though it was scary, Looney stepped out of her comfort zones by approaching magazines for money to run a story, and the race starters to cover her travel because she was publicizing them in a magazine. Stepping out into a stressful situation, Looney was able to get what she needed by growing into new situations, rather than stepping back into the comfort of what she already knew.
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