Snarf's: Best Sandwich 2017

When you eat a Snarf’s sandwich, know this: That flavor explosion, those bombs of deliciousness dropping on your tastebuds, don’t happen by accident.

Snarf’s packs its sandwiches, soups and salads with fresh, mouthwatering food. It’s a true Boulder original, and its many loyal customers are the reason the company has done so well here and elsewhere. Ask about what’s not on the menu. (Thank me later.) “We’ve been fortunate to be in Boulder for more than 20 years so we’ve developed many fans over the years”, says Marketing Director Jill Preston.

“Our fans or ‘Snarfers’ do an amazing job of spreading the word for us, so we have new people trying us every day in addition to our loyal customers. And we must admit, we think we have the best sandwich in Boulder!”

6562 Lookout Road.
Boulder, CO