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Boulder Channel 1 TV Commercials


TV Commercials

Boulder Channel 1 produces TV commercials for our cable television show and the web. We do this for companies who advertise with us. We not only promote but help with various aspects of business, including getting them on television the internet, web design and graphics, as well as promoting special events or sales ads. Our TV commercials can be seen here. They vary from 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 second commercials. We produce these at no charge to our advertisers and they appear exclusively on our channels.

Mailing Address:
Boulder Channel 1 Advertising
PO Box 869,
Boulder Colorado 80302

Phone: (303) 447-8531

Boulder Channel 1 Social Media links:
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George Hardwick

George Hardwick blogging for Boulder Channel 1 Boulder Startup Week


George Hardwick


#BSW15 George Hardwick is blogging for Boulder Channel 1 during Boulder Starup Week. Look for George on Twitter @BoulderCh1News #BSW15 . Also on Facebook Boulder Channel 1. Follow George all day right here for his reports. He is a creative writing student finishing his degree at University of Colorado at Boulder. He loves being outdoors, rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, and just about anything else that involves a lot of adrenaline. And he is a home brewer. Call George for an interview: 518-649-6446 boulder startup weekC1N.TV’s StartUp TV series serves the International Startup community. We focus on Start-Up entrepreneurs and new technology coming in the local business community as well we visit events and meet-ups where we not only write and promote but we also take part of. On top of that we also produce videos to spotlight your business in our Start-Up TV Special which plays on cable broadcast and online here.

To be a part of Boulder Channel 1s Start-Up TV Special you can find our more by Downloading or PDF Here or Call us at 303-447-8531

Start-Up TV Special

Start-Up TV Series

Start-Up TV Special


C1N.TV’s StartUp TV series serves the International Startup community. We focus on Start-Up entrepreneurs and new technology coming in the local business community as well we visit events and meet-ups where we not only write and promote but we also take part of. On top of that we also produce videos to spotlight your business in our Start-Up TV Special which plays on cable broadcast and online here. To be a part of our Start-Up TV Special you can find our more by Downloading or PDF Here or Call us at 303-447-8531

StartUp News

 Boulder Chamber interview with John Tayer

Boulder Chamber interview with John Tayer

John Tayer and Jann Scott talk business. He explains the Business Services, Advocacy and the Economic Vitality they provide in the city of Boulder. John talks about the members who join the Chamber and ways the Boulder Chamber can connect them others to help build their business, as well he explains some of the local policies the Chamber takes a role in developing in the community and some of the networking events the Chamber hosts where business voices can be shared with others.[READ|SHARE]
Quick Books Connect - Boulder Theater Thursday May 21

Quick Books Connect - Boulder Theater Thursday May 21

Come be inspired, learn and network at QuickBooks Connect Local Boulder. You may be on your own, but you don't have to feel like it. That's why QuickBooks is bringing together small business owners for a one-time event right here in Boulder. You'll walk away with new contacts, insider tips and inspiring ideas to take your business to the next level. Tickets are just $25, but space is limited and seats will go fast.[READ|SHARE]
Jobs and Internships at Boulder Channel 1

Jobs and Internships at Boulder Channel 1

Our team is the backbone for Public television here in Boulder. We produce a nightly show called 22Boom for Educational access Channel 22 in Boulder county. On Boulder Channel 1 which is web based Television we cover local events, bands, tech, everything Boulder. We have been around since 1975 and have produced Television, newspaper and radio .[READ|SHARE]
The Future of the News Business: Startup Week Boulder

The Future of the News Business: Startup Week Boulder

Wednesday At 3:00 in Trident Coffee Shop (the oldest coffee shop in Boulder) Ben Markus, Steve Outing, Matt Sebastian, and Andrew Baron presented The Future of the News Business for Startup Week Boulder.[READ|SHARE]
2015 Boulder Startup TV Special ad package

2015 Boulder Startup TV Special ad package

Boulder Channel 1 is producing a startup TV special. The ad price sheet is in this post.[READ|SHARE]
Ebony Walker enjoying Boulder Starup Week

Ebony Walker enjoying Boulder Starup Week

I ran into Ebony Walker at Boulder Startup Weeks Educational Startup social event. Ebony was very easy to talk with, and represents some of the new entrepreneurs to the scene of education that are making a real difference.[READ|SHARE]
Fabien Dodard and Sara Smith from Victor & Spoils: Boulder Startup Week 2015

Fabien Dodard and Sara Smith from Victor & Spoils: Boulder Startup Week 2015

Boulder ad agencies gone wild .This talk was based around the idea of creative marketing, and how the best way to stand out in the incredibly competitive world of creative story telling in the chaotic internet, is by sticking to the basics. The talk was centralized around 5 main characteristics of how to tell a great story:[READ|SHARE]
Made Startup Boulder

Made Startup Boulder

I went to Made today and had a look at a new Boulder ad agency. Love the place . Made is it's name . Catapults , wild animals and the sell is their game. Oh wait ! That is what we do all day long here and Boulder Channel 1[READ|SHARE]
Pro Mountain Biker Sonya Looney Boulder Startup Week

Pro Mountain Biker Sonya Looney Boulder Startup Week

George Hardwick writes about Looney the pro Mt Biker in this blog #bsw15. When asked how she was able to pay for everything, financially, she responded with marketing. Though it was scary, Looney stepped out of her comfort zones by approaching magazines for money to run a story, and the race starters to cover her travel because she was publicizing them in a magazine.[READ|SHARE]
Survey Gizmo at Boulder Startup week

Survey Gizmo at Boulder Startup week

Gizmo Survey rolls into Boulder for startup week . Their most embarrassing moment: The night before a webinar of over 400 potential customers, Bill and Scott were awake until 4 a.m. getting the slides ready.[READ|SHARE]
George Hardwick blogging for Boulder Channel 1 Boulder Startup Week

George Hardwick blogging for Boulder Channel 1 Boulder Startup Week

#BSW15 George Hardwick is blogging for Boulder Channel 1 during Boulder Starup Week. Look for George on Twitter @BoulderCh1News #BSW15 . Also on Facebook Boulder Channel 1. Follow Geotge all day right here for his reports.[READ|SHARE]
Start-Up TV Special

Start-Up TV Special

C1N.TV's Start-Up TV series serves the International Start-Up community.[READ|SHARE]
Becky Boone F-Bombs her way across Boulder: EDITORIAL

Becky Boone F-Bombs her way across Boulder: EDITORIAL

Code for Boulder and America lacks transparency. The city got conned by pro-growthers says Jann Scott in this Boulder channel 1 editorial. Becky Boone F Bombs her way across Texas... we mean Boulder. Who is the real money behind Boone. Is there corruption. ???[READ|SHARE]
Startup Boulder week 2014: reflection

Startup Boulder week 2014: reflection

We know that is is organized by a hippie homeless guy who calls himself a vagabond. We know a group of so called investors from Boulders App world get together drink beer, have chair races and party day and night call themselves the community. But are they trustworthy ?? Are they really from Boulder or are they former college students cycling through our city playing at business?? They all seem to be new here without jobs living off of mom and dad. And that is part of the Boulder Story too[READ|SHARE]
CU develops solar toilet for third world use

CU develops solar toilet for third world use

The self-contained, waterless toilet, designed and built using a $777,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has the capability of heating human waste to a high enough temperature to sterilize human waste and create biochar, a highly porous charcoal[READ|SHARE]
CU scientists: New battery extends range and safety of electric-powered vehicles

CU scientists: New battery extends range and safety of electric-powered vehicles

“This new, low-cost chemistry has a capacity that’s nearly 10 times greater than state-of-the-art cathodes.”[READ|SHARE]
Boulder New Tech Meetup hosts 2 days of Techstars

Boulder New Tech Meetup hosts 2 days of Techstars

August in Boulder means TechStars and we have 2 nights of presentations. August 5 and 6. Monday the 5th is oversold, but Tuesday the 6th has a few open seats.[READ|SHARE]
Quickbooks Connect Boulder, May 21st 2015

Quickbooks Connect Boulder, May 21st 2015

Quickbooks Connect Local comes to Boulder and Boulder Channel 1 visits this exciting event to talk with some of the big stars of the show including Bill Rancic an American Entrepreneur who won the first season of the Apprentice, Al Ko the Vice President of Product Management at Intuit and Heather McLellan the Vice President at Intuit. The show was to help connect local entrepreneurs and start-ups in Boulder, as well as introduce some new features and apps that help make quickbooks even better. We also feature the special presentation of Cash Mobs where Bill Rancic visits local businesses[READ|SHARE]
Boulder Startup Week 2013: what we did.

Boulder Startup Week 2013: what we did.

First of all we are not exactly a start up. We are more an old school OG Boulder entrepreneurial company. That is to say Brad Feld and David Cohen didn't invent the entrepreneurial movement here in Boulder. They joined it in the 90s and capitalized on it. Yes they are modern day Gurus, but Boulder has 100's of gurus. Boulder's entreperurship started in the late 1800s during the Colorado Gold rush and it never stopped.[READ|SHARE]
Boulder  Start Up week starts up on Wednesday

Boulder Start Up week starts up on Wednesday

Boulder start Up week is developing from an elitist all white college aged "new entrepreneurial vision of neo -com American business run by wine and coffee snobs" to something that the city of Boulder has endorsed and made an official event. In it's early days BSUW was an invite, register only press censored event. Much of it was low on substance and high on partying. Don't get us wrong Boulder start Up week is still a week long drinking convention for 20 and early 30 somethings, but it now has to conform to city strict Human rights[READ|SHARE]

StartUp News


Fresno State replaced with Charleston Southern University





BOULDER — The University of Colorado has secured Charleston Southern University as the opponent to  replace the Sept. 14 Fresno State football game which was postponed due to the record rainfall and subsequent flooding in Boulder, CU athletic director Rick George announced Monday.


The game has been scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 19; the kickoff time will be determined once the Pac-12 Conference sets the television schedule for that day next Monday.


CU and Fresno State officials couldn’t come up with a workable scenario to make up the game this season and will discuss future options; the series is a “two-for-one” (two in Boulder, one in Fresno) as the Buffaloes played on the road at Fresno last year and the two are scheduled to meet in Boulder on Sept. 14, 2019.




“The Fresno State athletic department leadership, their president and their fans have all been very supportive and cooperative in our efforts to reschedule this contest,” George said.  “We are also most appreciative of Fresno State’s student-athletes collecting donations to aid those victims of the flood.”


Over the last two weeks, George and CU officials contacted nearly three dozen schools on both the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) and FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) levels, exploring all options available to find an opponent, preferably for Oct. 19, which was the second open date on CU’s 2013 schedule.  The only other possible date would have been the first Friday or Saturday in December, but those were fraught with complications.


Last Friday, Colorado received a waiver from the NCAA for it to be bowl eligible if it gets to six wins this season but if two were to come against FCS teams.  Under the current rules, schools are allowed one win over an FCS opponent to count toward the minimum six required for postseason eligibility; the Buffaloes already had played an FCS school, Central Arkansas, winning that game 38-24 back on Sept. 7.


Fans can use the tickets and parking passes dated Sept. 14 with Fresno State for admission to the game; if ticket holders are unable to attend the make-up game on Oct. 19, they can make an exchange for any of CU’s other four home games (Oregon, Arizona, California or Southern California).  Those doing so would be on a value for value, best available seating basis which would need to be done before the final home game against USC on Nov. 23.


(The complete ticket policy can be found here:


Charleston Southern (which also goes by CSU) is a member of the Big South Conference and is currently 5-0 on the season; the Buccaneers are ranked just outside the Top 25 in the FCS.  To date, they have played and won four games on the road (at The Citadel, Campbell, Norfolk State and Appalachian State) with a win over Shorter at home.  They also received a waiver from the NCAA, one that allowed them to play a 13th game, eight of which will be away from Charleston.


“We really appreciate (CSU athletic director) Hank Small and Charleston Southern working with us to schedule this game and we look forward to hosting the Buccaneers on October 19,” George said.


The Buccaneers will be the first school from South Carolina to play a football game in Boulder; CU has played Clemson twice, both in bowl games, and has never faced the University of South Carolina or other FCS schools who have traditionally played schools one division higher, including Coastal Carolina, Furman, Presbyterian or the Citadel.


There are five Pac-12 conference games on Oct. 19, along with one non-league affair, USC playing at Notre Dame; the conference and its television partners make their selections Monday mornings, so the game time will be known on Oct. 7


David Plati

Associate AD/Sports Information

University of Colorado Buffaloes

357 UCB / Fieldhouse Annex #50

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CU study: Covert product placements in TV shows works Well, du…


Consumers who watch television sitcoms and see product placements through covert marketing have better memories of the products and better attitudes toward the brands, according to three joint studies led by the University of Colorado Boulder.

“Frankly, we were a bit surprised at the power of covert marketing across a variety of studies,” said Margaret C. Campbell, professor of marketing at CU-Boulder’s Leeds School of Business and lead author of the article appearing online this month in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. “Even though most U.S. consumers know that marketers pay to surreptitiously get their brands in front of consumers, consumers are still influenced by covert marketing efforts.”

covert ads

However, the studies also found that the disclosure of paid product placements in a sitcom decreased the influential effects, especially when the disclosure occurred after the consumer was exposed to the marketing.

In one of the studies, people watched a sitcom including a few seconds of exposure to a breakfast cereal. Later, when asked to list the first cereals that came to mind, people who had seen a brand name cereal during the sitcom were more than three times as likely to include that cereal in their top three, as compared with those who had seen a fictitious cereal. They also reported a much higher preference for the brand.

However, if prior to watching the show people saw a disclosure that sponsored product placements were included, they were not more likely to list the brand in their top three, although they still reported a higher liking for the brand.

If people saw a disclosure after the show that sponsored product placements were included, they also were not more likely to list the brand in their top three. But they did not report more favorable attitudes toward the brand, compared with a time when they had not been exposed to the product placement.

“Disclosures after the placement appear to alert people to the impact that covert marketing efforts can have, in which case they are less likely to be influenced,” Campbell said.

There have been calls to require disclosure of covert marketing in the U.S. to be consistent with other requirements for disclosure of sponsorship. Other countries, such as the Netherlands, home country of study co-author Peeter Verlegh of the University of Amsterdam, already require some disclosure.

Gina Mohr of Colorado State University also is a co-author.

“In the U.S. there has been some reluctance to incorporate disclosures for fear that it may interfere with creative content,” said Mohr. “This research suggests that product placement disclosures need not occur at the time of product placement to be effective.”

According to the authors, the findings provide support for the idea that requiring disclosure after exposure to covert marketing would offer consumers information to help them choose how to navigate the marketplace.

“Consumers should get to know when they are being exposed to commercial persuasion so they can decide how they want to respond,” said Campbell.

To view the study visit For more information on CU-Boulder’s Leeds School of Business visit


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CU Men’s B-ball Releases 2013-2014 Non-Conference Schedule




BOULDER – The University of Colorado men’s basketball office has released the 2013-2014 non-conference schedule Monday afternoon for the upcoming season featuring 13 opponents with nine home games, two road and two neutral court games.

Head Coach Tad Boyle and his staff return four starters from last year’s team that won 21 games, went to their second straight NCAA Tournament and a school-first, third straight post-season appearance.

bball huddle


The CU non-conference slate is perhaps the most competitive seen where nine of the 13 opponents won 18 or more games a year ago, and eight of them making one of the four post-season tournaments, including four to the NCAA Tournament. Overall, CU’s opponent’s record a year ago achieved a 248-176 mark (.585).

The 2013-2014 schedule begins on a neutral court for the first time in 17 years (1996-97). CU will take on Baylor (Friday, Nov. 8) at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas. The former Big 12 Conference opponents will be playing each other for the third straight year on a neutral court.

Last year, CU defeated Baylor in the semifinals at the Charleston Classic, 60-58 en route the tournament title. In 2011-12, the Bears upended the Buffs in the NCAA Tournament third round (80-63) in Albuquerque.

The three other games away from Boulder will see CU taking on another former Big 12 Conference foe Oklahoma State (Saturday, Dec. 21) at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on ESPN2 (9:30 p.m. MT).

Road games are schools from the Front Range at Air Force (Sat., Nov. 30) and Colorado State (Tue., Dec. 3).

Nine home games will be featured at the Coors Events Center during the November and December months, the most home games to open the non-conference season since 2008-09 when the Buffs also played nine home games.

The home opener is Sunday, Nov. 10 against Tennessee-Martin; followed by Wyoming (Wed., Nov. 13); Jackson State (Sat., Nov. 16); Arkansas State (Mon. Nov. 18); Santa Barbara (Thur., Nov. 21) and Harvard (Sun., Nov. 24). The six consecutive home non-conference games, are a school-first.

In December, CU will host Kansas (Sat., Dec. 7); Elon (Fri., Dec. 13), and close the home non-conference portion of the schedule against Georgia (Sat., Dec. 28).

Tip times and television listings with the exception of the Dec. 21 game against Oklahoma State are to be announced.

The Pac-12 Conference schedule is set to be released at the end of August or in September.

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No more geeky hardware in the trash or go to jail


Just kiddin’ about jail…

Many Electronics will be Prohibited from Trash Bins Starting July 1

The Electronic Recycling Jobs Act bans electronics from landfills


Boulder County, Colo. – Effective July 1, Boulder County residents can no longer place computers and many other types of electronics at the curb, or in waste bins, for collection and disposal. The Electronic Recycling Jobs Act, signed by Governor Hickenlooper in April of 2012, intends many benefits for the state including job creation through material recovery, diversion of hazardous material from landfills and reduction of energy and raw material resource demands from mining and manufacturing.



Banned devices include:

  • television sets
  • central processing units (CPUs)
  • computer monitors
  • peripherals
  • printers
  • fax machines
  • laptops
  • notebooks
  • ultra books
  • net books
  • electronic tablets
  • digital video disc players
  • video cassette recorders
  • video display devices with a screen greater than four inches


The law requires that consumers deliver their electronic equipment to collection facilities or collection events. Boulder County will no longer accept waste electronics at the Nederland or Allenspark transfer stations or county recycling drop off centers. Residents of Nederland and Allenspark can expect county-organized collection events on or around Labor Day weekend.


Electronic devices contain a number of hazardous elements that can migrate if disposed in a landfill, potentially contaminating groundwater and soil. Brokers and recyclers with an e-Steward or R2 certification have demonstrated that they meet specific environmental standards and safely manage used electronics. Residents of Boulder County can find a list of certified electronics recyclers and local collection events


For more information, contact Jeff Callahan, Boulder County Resource Conservation Division at 720-564-2221

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Wesley Woodyard is a team leader

CU-CSU Moving To Sunday




BOULDER — The Mountain West Conference came out with its schedules for all teams this past Thursday and included was the fact that the CU-Colorado State game in Denver, previously scheduled for Saturday, August 31, is moving to the next day (Sunday, September 1).  No kickoff time or television arrangements are known at this time for what has become known as the Cinch Jeans Rocky Mountain Showdown.

NCAA Football: Colorado at Washington State




It will be the 85th meeting between the two state rivals (CU leads, 61-21-2); it will be the 13th meeting in Denver (CU holds a 7-5 edge in the previous dozen meetings).  The first three were at the old Mile High Stadium (1998-2000), with the last 10 at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.


The Buffaloes and Rams have played on a Sunday one previous time, on Sept. 6, 2009 in Boulder (a 23-17 CSU win).

The Buffaloes and Rams have played on a Sunday two previous times, during the 2008 and 2009 seasons (the schools split those games).




David Plati

Associate AD/Sports Information

University of Colorado Buffaloes

357 UCB / Fieldhouse Annex #50

Boulder, CO 80309-0357

303/492-5626 (office)

Twitter: @davidplati

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CU’s anti-violence production of ‘The Tempest’ to tour Colorado schools


The Colorado Shakespeare Festival’s highly praised school anti-violence tour continues in spring 2013 with a new program based on “The Tempest” that focuses on themes of vengeance and forgiveness.

Created in conjunction with the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence at the University of Colorado Boulder, CSF’s “Twelfth Night” anti-bullying tour has now been seen by more than 22,000 Colorado schoolchildren. That inaugural program examined the problem of bullying through the character Malvolio.

The new program explores the character of Prospero, who conjures a mighty tempest to shipwreck his enemies of old on his remote island domain. But even as he plots his revenge on those who wronged him years before, he ponders his actions and at the last moment turns to forgiveness instead.

“The rarer action is in virtue rather than vengeance,” Prospero says, renouncing all his schemes for payback.

“This is really about how to relate to other people and deal with conflict in your life. This performance and the workshops that follow focus on the importance of reconciliation and forgiveness as a tool for ending the cycle of violence,” says CSF Literary Manager Amanda Giguere, who co-created the program with Timothy Orr, interim producing artistic director.

During the program, four professional actors perform an abbreviated version of the play. The actors then lead the students in small-group exercises exploring alternatives to violence that are based on the latest research from CU-Boulder’s Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence.

The play emphasizes that there is always a choice between continuing the “cycles of revenge” and choosing not to retaliate, says Beverly Kingston, director of the center. She notes that 33 percent of American high school students had been in at least one physical fight in the preceding 12 months, according to the 2011 national youth risk behavior survey.

“You can see that in every one of those fights, someone had to make a decision to retaliate for some reason,” Kingston says. “Violence really begins with a decision and we all have a choice how we respond to difficult circumstances in our lives. That’s the message of this play.”

The new play makes use of Japanese bunraku-style puppets to represent some of the characters, including Prospero and his spirit servant Ariel.

In actor and stage manager Caroline Barry’s hands and animated by her voice, Ariel’s sea-blue face and colorful trailing veils seem almost to swim across the stage. With a few simple gestures — a thoughtful nod and touching foreheads with his spirit companion — the puppet Prospero becomes a fully-fledged character.

“We really want you to start imagining the actors’ expressions on the puppets,” says actor Crystal Eisele.

The new program debuts Feb. 12 at the Cole Arts and Sciences Academy in Denver. There are more than 40 schools on the spring schedule — and for the first time, a senior center — and Giguere expects to add more.

CSF’s innovative anti-violence school programs have received tens of thousands of dollars in grant funding and been featured prominently in print, online and television media across Colorado.

CSF’s anti-violence production of “The Tempest” is available for booking. For more information email, call 303-492-1973 or visit .


CSF in the Schools: “The Tempest,” spring 2013 scheduled performances

February 12 (AM) Cole Arts & Sciences Academy – Denver

February 12 (PM) Denver Montclair International – Denver

February 13 (AM) Whittier Elementary School – Boulder

February 13 (PM) Angevine Middle School – Lafayette

February 14 (AM) Eagle Ridge Academy – Brighton

February 15 (PM) Flagstaff Charter School – Longmont

February 19 (AM) Westminster High School – Westminster

February 20 (AM) High Point Academy – Aurora

February 20 (PM) Clyde Miller P-8 – Aurora

February 21 (AM) Sunset Middle School – Longmont

February 22 (AM) Archuleta Elementary School – Denver

February 22 (PM) McGlone Elementary – Denver

February 26 (PM) Platte River Charter Academy – Highlands Ranch

February 27 (AM) The Academy of Charter Schools – Westminster

February 28 (AM) Douglass Elementary School – Boulder

February 28 (PM) Friends’ School – Boulder

March 1 (PM) Asbury Elementary School – Denver

March 5 (AM) Boulder Explore – Boulder

March 5 (PM) Gold Hill Elementary School – Gold Hill

March 6 (PM) Spangler Elementary – Longmont

March 8 (PM) Sacred Heart of Jesus – Boulder

March 13 (AM/PM) Timberview Middle School – Colorado Springs

March 15 (AM) Coal Ridge Middle School – Firestone

March 20 (AM) Thornton High School – Thornton

March 20 (PM) North High School – Denver

April 2 (AM) Escuela Tlatelolco Charter School – Denver

April 2 (PM) Force Elementary School – Denver

April 3 (AM) SOAR Green Valley Ranch – Denver

April 4 (AM) Woodlin School – Woodrow

April 4 (PM) Arickaree School – Anton

April 5 (AM) Dunstan Middle School – Lakewood

April 5 (PM) Bryant Webster Elementary – Denver

April 9 (AM) Northeast Elementary School – Parker

April 9 (PM) Henry World School – Denver

April 10 (AM) Lafayette Elementary School – Lafayette

April 10 (PM) Longmont Estates Elementary – Longmont

April 11 (AM) Niwot Elementary School – Niwot

April 11 (PM) Eagle Crest Elementary School – Longmont

April 12 (AM) OLLI West (Senior Center) – Denver

April 12 (PM) Horizon Community Middle – Aurora

Boulder Channel 1 Presets at New Tech Meetup

Boulder Channel 1 Presets at New Tech Meetup


The Boulder Channel 1 crew present at Boulder New Tech Meetup. We talk about what we do, and what we would like to do as well as take questions from the 500 person crowd about how we manage our websites and who might be interested in looking at us for personal use or as a marketing tool for their business.

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