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How to mitigate traffic in Boulder: simple plan

1 Lower the speed limit in the city 20 miles an hour.

2. Eliminate all petroleum burning automobiles from the city center with the exception of commercial and emergency vehicles.

3 Allow golf carts

4. Create a barrier in the core City that does not allow Petro burning vehicles.

5.Create size limitations on any vehicles in the downtown area.

6. Build a massive off-road multi-path Lane use up and down Broadway And Canyon.

7. Annual parking permits all vehicles parked in the downtown area of 1000 to $1,500 a month

Boulder needs a night bus service

Night Bus service England

For 40 years I have been writing to the city of Boulder about having a
Night bus service. This is a service that would run every hour to select bus stops all over the entire city from midnight to 5:00 am when the regular buses start. It would help students and others from being stranded in the middle of the night. It would only take one or two buses.
I used this service when I lived in Great Britain. It is called the Green Line Night bus service. It begins at 11:00 pm and stops at 5:30 am

A Boulder green line could use 2 buses and run all over the city in a 1 hour loop and comes every hour to each stop.
It would run all the way to Gunbarrel, north Boulder, Table Mesa, where ever a bus goes. It would skip stops and have specific Green line stops .

This is good so people do not get stranded in the middle of the night when the buses stop including weekends

High density and urbanization mean death to Boulder

 High Density Creates Unaffordability: The tax foundation has just released an analysis showing where you get the best bang for your buck in the US by comparing the relative value of $100. I’ve written about this before, but allow me to reiterate the point. We pay more for everything in Boulder-not just housing. $100 gives you just $90.84 cents of buying power in Boulder County. (I guarantee you it’s even less in the city proper). Compare that to Grand Junction where $100 gives you $105 of buying power. Colorado is the 10th most expensive state in the country.

In a weird twist of economics, high density cities do not deliver an economy of scale to consumers. High density cities charge more for goods and services than any other place in the nation.

These Maps Show Where a Dollar Goes Furthest in the U.S.