I met Peter Hostrom last April in Boulder Community Health Rehab center. Hoffstrom was the senior D.A

Peter Hofstrom

Investigator and Deputy DA in the JonBenet Ramsey Murder case here in Boulder.  I was rehabbing from a small stroke. Peter was there for a cervical neck operation which went bad. He was walking but in a lot of pain. It unfortunately killed him last week January 19th.

What a stroke (no pun intended) of luck that I was was in rehab with Hofstrom. Maybe I could finally get some answers on the JonBenet case. At first we didn’t talk much. He just looked at me  across the table in the dining area where we ate meals at 8am, noon and 5pm. He knew who I was; Boulder talk show host who covered the Ramsey case on TV. I was actually feeling pretty good in stroke rehab. So when the paper came at breakfast I would read some story headlines and Peter would comment on them.

Lou Schmidt

After a few day I brought up the

Trip Demuth

Ramsey case. He had not talked about it much and especially to reporters. But he started talking to all of us patients.. He held court on the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. He agreed to talk to me but said if I talked about it and him in the same breath on TV or here he would never talk to me again.

the media circus went on for three years at Justice center in boulder

Well, now he has passed… and after all, I am an investigator and a journalist and TV talk show host so there is no way I am not going to spill the beans on this. Talking to me is like talking to the cops, but worse.

Hofstrom was essentially the author of the “Intruder Theory” in JonBenets murder. It was not Lew Schmidt fame C Springs investigator who the DA brought on later in the case.

John and Patsy on CNN

Peter told me and insisted that “there was no evidence to suggest that the Ramsey’s murdered their own daughter. “He talked a lot about “evidence, motive, lack of family abuse or violence.” He made a compelling case. He talked about “speculation  and how the case was media drive and not evidence driven.” I mean, he went on about “what is evidence and what is speculation. “He said, the Ramsey’s “absolutely did not murder their child and that everything pointed to a killer who knew what he was doing.”

Tom Koby and Alex Hunter

Lew Schmidt told me before he died that he thought “the killer was a serial child killer who had been following JonBenet.”

Trip Demuth the DA on the case also thought an intruder killed JonBennet. I never have interviewed DeMuth, but I did talk to DA Alex Hunter who was infuriated with DeMuth, Hofstrom and Schmidt. He fired them all and or at least forced them out of the DA’s off hunter told me.

Burke Ramsey is suing CBS TV. Will he take the stand ?

Tom Koby, Police Chief told me 3 days after the murder while the Ramsey’s were in Atlanta appearing on CNN.. ” We follow the evidence of the case and let the evidence lead.  But in these cases 90% of the time , it is a family member who committed the murder.  also , why did the Ramsey’s run… and then talk to CNN and not be formally interviewed by police. This is not the behavior of innocent parents”

Current DA Garnett won’t file charges either, even though grand jury moved to indite 20 years ago.. says case is unsolvable.

As you know Boulder Police were convinced that the Ramsey’s killed their daughter.  DA Alex Hunter was too. He believed that Burke killed his sister and John and Patsey covered it up.

Then detective Mark Beckner says case won’t be solved.. but cops think Ramseys did it.

So why didn’t he charge them ? Because he felt the crime scene was so contaminated that he would never get a conviction. Since then current DA Stan Garnnett has said same this past week. Lead Ramsey Boulder Detective and Police chief mark Beckner basically said the same on Reddit.

CBS presented the police and DA case in a TV drama last year. Burke Ramsey is suing them for millions. It is a big risk for Ramsey’s, because if CBS takes the bate it will put John Ramsey and Burke Ramsey on the stand to be prosecuted in a civil trial.. It will be watched more than the OJ trial and will bring CBS billions in ad revenue.

Will CBS go to Trial and have the show of the century?

I think CBS planned on this end game and the ones bated are actually the Ramsey’s.  But was Peter Hofstrom correct ? Was there no evidence leading to the Ramsey’s?? I do think the case will be solved in Burke Ramsey vs CBS TV

Rest in Peace Peter I enjoyed your mealtime classes.

From JonBennets home town

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado