December 4, 2005

Deputy Manager BURKE today called Jann Scott Live and has been, for the past two days negotiate the return of Jann Scott Live to channel 54 BTV. BTV’s Tony Perri cut JS Live citing some ridiculous reason that the number one show on channel 54 (Boulders only live call-in talk show 8 ,54.0r63) could not go live. All we have to do is walk in the Dairy studio and go live…we have been operating the equipment for years…….The studio belongs to CATV not BTV. CATV is trying to keep the studio for live shows and performances…..but it make no sense to kill “Jann Scott Live” our 7500 weekly viewers. People are furious over this . By canceling JS Live Tony Perri is only hurting his own efforts……….Jann Scott Live represents the essence of Public access live call in uncensored free speech……… Perri’s BTV operation is on Pearl. While live studio is up we should continue. CATV has asked Jann to help raise funding for the studio at the dairy. We must continue as long as possible. JS Live and the sports connection are the only live call in shows. No one else does live in that studio.This has been an on going show. All other Jann Scott productions go to support JS Live.