Jann Scott’s Journal : Movie Review and political commentary
At first I thought this film was was made by South Park. It is stupid, ridiculous and so poorly made it is silly. Innocence of Muslims is the Muhammad Movie by Sam Bacile. The idea that Radical Islamists are protesting all over the world and killing Americans over it is even more ridiculous.

Are we at a cultural divide or what? But in all seriousness , we have to remember that people from this religion attacked our country and blew up the Wold Trade Centers not once but twice. Now they are trying to storm our US Embassies in the Arab world over a stupid movie?? Is that what this is about. Insult??

America is going to have to rethink how we are going to deal with these people. They are at war with us and there doesn’t seem to be any room for negotiation. How do you negotiate with barbarians  with 4th century interpretations of the Koran.

We never should have given these people their freedom when we discovered oil there. But now that we ( the civilized world) have, we are going to need to take it back: country by country. The civilized Arabs like the Saudi need to help us too.

The US, France, Britain, Russia and China need to go back in there with an army of 5 Million Allied troops, conquer all of these bad countries and put an end to this bullshit. Old school. WWII style. We need to get rid of the crazy Mullahs.  shut down the bad Mosques, kill a bunch of these people, imprison the rest and drag these tortured desert maniacs kicking and screaming into the 21st century. We need to civilize them the same way we did the Nazis and Japanese. They won’t quit til we do.

Where are Patton and Romel when we need them back in Egypt , Lybia and Tunisia?

I know our president apologized to them. But there is a hard rain a gonna fall on the Arab world. and it is about to come from all of us. My hope is that all of the big powerful countries of all religions will join together and teach these people “what would Mohamed do” he’d kill them.

We had North Africa during World War II. We never should have let it go. We backed the Arab Spring and now they have all gone power mad, are stealing our money , our good will and are killing Americans. Time to bring this to a swift end. We need to conquer and Occupy the Middle East and have good peaceful Muslems run things. But not with out the boot of Russia, China, and the USA.