Black widow suicide bomber targeting Sochi Olympics

Black widow suicide bomber targeting Sochi Olympics

The last thing the world needs are a bunch of Muslim terrorists screwing things up in Russia the way they did in 1972 during the Olympics in Germany. Black September a Palestinian terrorist group killed much of the Israeli team. I covered that nightmare while on the desk at International times in London. A lot of “young and dumb” reporters today from the American press have no knowledge on just how wrong things can go. They are beating on Russia and Vladimir Putin at a time when Islamic terrorists threaten to kill American athletes. Bullshit.

poshel na khuy! Musul'manskiy shlyukha suka. tol'ko cherez moy trup!

poshel na khuy! Musul’manskiy shlyukha suka. tol’ko cherez moy trup!

They complain because Putin is clamping down on protests keeping them 12 miles away and then Russian police are jailing people. The Gays want protests but they are being jailed. The Muslims are being jailed just for showing up for protests. And no one is getting out before the end of the Olympics. American Gays are now in Russian jails.

Don't fuck around if you're coming to Russia.

Don’t fuck around if you’re coming to Russia.

What the hell did they think was going to happen? ¬†You can’t just go to Russia during the Olympics where black widow Muslim chicks are threatening to bomb everything.

1972 Olympics saw Muslim terrorists kill everybody

1972 Olympics saw Muslim terrorists kill everybody

Wrong time. Wrong event. Most definitely the wrong country.

Putin is correct. Seriously. I agree. Jail everybody and figure it out later.

We don’t want any God Dam bombs going off in Sochi.

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