Jann Scott’s Journal is written by talk show host and futurist Jann Scott

Hey America
If we could ┬ápermanently get rid of those 800,000 non essential government workers, wouldn’t that be great? I mean, if they are Non essential workers? Why do we have them to begin with? We don’t have non essential people at my company. Of course we 2 lazy-coworkersdon’t. We’d go broke.
I hear we have nonessential military personnel on top of the 800,000 ?? Is that true? And they are being let go too. Good. Get rid of them. Do we have non essential government programs ?? Lets get rid of them. If programs don’t help Americans or provide for the national defense, they are non essential in my book.

Now I am a big fan of The Affordable Care Act. That is essential. But the post office isn’t. Privatize it. Most military programs are a waste. Most of the federal govt agencies which don’t aid, feed, or assist Americans are non essential.

So I kind of like the shutdown. Doesn’t effect me or the overall economy in Boulder Colorado.

Let’s fire all of the government workers permanently and make them get real jobs like the rest of us. I don’t feel sorry for them one bit.

Lets shut down all of these worthless agencies and programs.
Every Government worker I know is living off the dole and are worthless. They are non essential. Why am I paying them?

From Boulder Colorado
Wait we receive billions in Government funding