Remembering Beth Haynes for a completely different reason than the award , her death or domestic violence:

Here is the dilemma. it is the same today as it was the day (night) Boulder Police Officer Beth Haynes was gunned down. I am talking about fire power; stopping power; overwhelming force to stop the threat.

beth Haynes

A Mossberg Shotgun will make any woman police officer lethal… no mess.

Beth Haynes had a 9mm… She shot her attacker 3 times but he kept coming until he got right over her and assassinated her. Would a 12 gauge Mossberg with a10 inch barrel have helped?? Are Boulder police now instructed to carry a shotgun when they go into a domestic violence situation.? What about handguns.? Common knowledge knows that 9 millimeter is a useless gun. 38 does not have enough rounds. Nor any revolver has enough rounds these days. A 45 caliber is too unwieldy. A 40 caliber Beretta is the FBI gun of choice. What does boulder PD issue?. The Beretta has good knock down power. It is also the handgun issued to our Marines in Afghanistan. I will tell you that that hand gun saved my sons life while in the Marines Battle for Falujia in 2003. More than beth haynes 7once.

But lets take the situation in Ferguson Mo. Where the Officer was attacked by Michael Brown in his car. Brown was 18, 250 lbs football player, on drugs, had just committed a robbery. when the Ferguson police officer contacted Brown, Brown charge the officer , attacked him in his car. The officer got off two rounds in the car hitting Brown who then retreated.

Then the officer made nearly the same fatal mistake Beth Haynes made. He confronted an enraged Brown with a hand gun. Brown charged the Ferguson officer again and the officer put 6 more rounds into Brown. The final one went through the top of his head as Brown lunged at the officer That was the stopping round. 9 shots into Michael Brown. But it took 9 shots. 9 shots from a 9 millimeter.

Should the officer have had a shotgun at the ready? I am quite frankly worried for the safety of our police officers when they go into a one on one situation with an enraged attacker.

I am already on the record as saying, that I do not think much of police work is suitable for women. They are no match in a physical contest with most men. Especially, young enraged men. Had that been a women police officer in Ferguson , she would be dead now and Michael Brown would be pleading his innocence… But if you look at injuries to police officers on boulder PD , the majority are female police officers.
Just sayin all of it.

And I realize there are millions of Americans who think Michael Brown was shot dead in cold blood……..  I am not so sure about that. I have been a reporter for too long and seen too much gang crime by young black gangsters…. all of whom were good kids… on some days….. and other days were violent young men hell bent on killing someone.

from Boulder cops should be well armed and protected at all times

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado

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