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Facebook and Twitter still shields mean people on the left and right

Blocking people on Facebook. Sad to say there are still people on Facebook who are rude crude and downright mean.Image result for Mean people They can be politically oriented like gay rights people ,who attack anyone they deem not gay friendly for any reason .They can be extremely callous and rude. Or Ku Klux Klan members and Nazis just as rude, violent and dangerous. Facebook and Twitter don’t do anything to protect you. Altight¬† are extremely rude most of the Bernies are incredibly rude too. Feminists are¬† terribly rude and awful radical right-wingers rude horrible radical left ringers rude and horrible. I blocked them all immediately I also un follow people who just overshare and post a lot of meaningless nothing. People who whine and complain and block them or unfollow them at least.


Dems move to impeach Donald Trump

Should president Donald J Trump be impeached?? Official impeachment proceedings begin the beginning of Donald J Trump. What do you think? Is there enough to impeach him? Should he be impeached? On what basis should he be impeached? Did you vote for him or not?

Boulder Techstars push for Isreal

Text Stars Israel is one of our most favorite countries in the Middle East not just because they are the only Jewish state, and because they are so well educated. They stand up for what’s right all the time. I have been there trained with their military, covered them as a journalist. They are a startup hi-tech state. They have equality for women and always have. their military is #1 bar non. They are ions ahead of most of the barbaric Arab states.
Why exactly has the Israeli city garnered such a glittering reputation in the startup community?