Council dearest

 Do you realize that Colorado is one of the few “make my day states”
Taken from Dirty Harry.
But more importantly if a young woman is walking
by the band shell , accousted by a meth head camper.
She is allowed to shoot him w her Glock 19 when
her life is threatened
I predict you will see an uptick now.
Women especially are pissed off with you council,Male robber standing and looking at young woman and young woman hide gun in  his back/self-defense of woman,criminal concept Stock Photo | Adobe Stock
because you allowed the city to succumb
Jann Scott Live (@Scott3Jann) tweeted at
10:25 AM on Tue, Feb 28, 2023:
Since  @bouldercolorado and the
@boulderpolice cannot protect
#Boulder , does it make sense
for everyone to start carrying a gun
for self protection?? On streets?
In car?  Shopping? To movies?
The gun store told me upscale citizens
made a run on guns and they are sold out.
So kids.
While you are fooling around with
police oversight committees
Boulder is arming up to go shopping or to class…
Ps know why officers don’t want to work here?
Because the council is a nightmare!