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My VW Jetta vs a Tesla S. Guess who won.

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My VW Jetta

My 2016 Volkswagen Jetta 2.4 fuel injected turbo went up against an electric Tesla S here’s what happened in Boulder.Image may contain: car
I was coming down Highway 52 and pulled up to the light at IBM getting ready to make a left hand turn onto the diagonal. I was in front and on my right I noticed a Tesla S Black Beauty. well Volkswagen Jetta is pretty quick very good in tight Corners so I just kind of stepped on it when did the corner. When I looked up Tesla blasted through the corner and was down the road he then pulled over got in the right hand about 60 miles an hour.
I pull in behind them course I tried to catch him and I got in the far right-hand Lane and he was in the center lane and we came up on Lookout Road as it crosses the diagonal. Again both of us were in the front I thought okay no screwing around with this guy this time. I waited for the light to turn green and when it turned green I jumped on it hard screeching tires .I thought he’ll never beat me and as I looked up the Tesla disappeared into the sunset by perhaps 20 car lengths in 6 seconds he was going 120 miles an hour at least. Oh my Lord those cars are fast I have got to get me one.

Riot! This woman posts Marilyn Monroe pictures

I can’t resist this. One of my Facebook friends who I’ve never met but have chatted with who is anImage may contain: 1 person attractive young woman in her forties and looks somewhat like Marilyn Monroe has this obsession with mm. She posts her pictures all the time and I must say she has quite the collection but a lot of the pictures are p*** pictures and this Facebook friend really looks like a goody two-shoes. A good girl but you know what they say about girls who look like overly good girls. But this is a riot I’ve never seen anybody on Facebook post more half naked pictures, cheesecake pictures of anybody, themselves and certainly not Marilyn Monroe.

Now as it turns out I have talked with my facebook friend and she has given me permission to print her name and give you a link to her Facebook page. She is Melissa Veith who is actually some what of a MM Fanatic .. More to come.