Tonight the Boulder city council takes up an issue near and dear to most Boulderites. How to keep the business community fromJann Scott Live ruining Boulders view of the mountains. The city has done a terrible job of it over the years. The planning department has been the worst. Just drive around downtown Boulder and look at the abomination of architecture. From fake Roman Creek to neo-gradaux. The downtown western flavor is nearly lost. The Skyline has been obliterated by over the top office buildings which violate building regulations set in place in 1971.

Though I am a member of the business community and have been since 1977, at least I have a conscience. I moved here for the beauty of it all. I live here for our Shangri-La under the Flatirons (as it is called). If I wanted to live in a fucked up Start-up business community I would have moved to Longmont or SE Denver. They are all about it. We are all about peace harmony life goodwill outdoors and thoughtfulness.

January 8, 2015 Google campus means war for ‪Boulder‬ ‪Startup‬ scene prediction of fire video. This is a Giant complex in Boulder and will bring 1,500 people to this congested area. Is Google building affordable housing in Boulder ? No. Housing for poor? Students ? No. Housing for the silver senior flood ? No. Revitalization money ? No. Just what are they doing ? importing jobs of high paid engineers who will raise housing prices and force the poor out. Is Google bringing fibre optics to Boulder ? No.