January 1, 2006
As 2006 begins BTV takes over public access channel 54 as a sole source provider contracted by the city. After attacking CATV 54 for years the city barely allowed the people to have a channel while their channel 8 prospers from franchise fees. BTV receives no Comcast funding. This is an absolute attempt by the Boulder City council to suppress freedom on speech while keeping the government voice of propaganda alive and well.

This current city council has also proven itself racist by not allowing Tim “:Black Cowboy” activist to hold a partial silent vigil during his 3 minutes public participation in front of council. He attempted to hold up news headlines and not speak while trying to bring attention racism here in Boulder. He was interrupted by the city attorney who told council that they were not forced to endure his silence. Tim was then forced to speak. He was clearly singled out by council because he is a black activist. Rodrigo Garcia , boulder businessman and argentine attorney was also shunned by city staff and council when he attempted to become part of the bid process for public access TV. Mr. garcia also has a case against council because he has openly stated that he was discriminated against because of his hispanic roots. I witnessed both of their treatment and was shocked. This city council claims to be writing hate speech legislation, yet they derailed their own Human Relations Commission work at opening a hot line. In fact the commissions work was openly assailed and illegally micro-managed by council . the city manager publicly apologized.

Even so the Chair of the human relations commission condemned councils actions toward Public access TV and accused them of violating the first amendment by trying to silence the voice of the public. the evidence continues to mount as the NAACP begins to investigate councils actions. Interesting how things change. i was condemned by council for my use of parody on easter sunday and now during Christmas Holidays the city council is up against the ropes by three groups for violating civil rights in earnest. I used to be a TV cheerleader for the city and council but as we enter 2006 i must say this is the most intolerant, suppressive city government in recent history. at least my taped magazine shows will continue on BTV 54. Jann Scott Live will not since it was a target of Council as was the live studio at the Dairy. But I will continue my voice of descent on Channel 8 during public participation at their own council meetings. then i can look them in the eyes and discuss that which they hate: my voice uncensored.