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Americas Police are the Gestapo: Jann Scott’s Journal

American Police have fashioned themselves to be Nazi Gestapo. Image result for nazi gestapo uniforms

Cops kill another, this time they broke his spine in Baltimore. I predict a retaliatory police execution by Negros. Remember f when two NYPD cops were executed by a black man? More to come as citizens form black Militias to take the fight back to gansta police.
Notice we don’t hear too mu ch about LAPD. That is because the shooting retaliatory war has been going on .
Baltimore cops kill Freddi Gray.retaliatory police execution by Negros.. Freddie Gary was murdered by 6 Baltimore police officers. The kneeled on his neck , broke it and killed Freddi.

Todays police murder of an American citizen. Shot in the back by female police officer. Why you should fear the police. OMG.what kind of training do these people receive that turns them into killers.

Image result for Lisa Mearkle,

Lisa Mearkle surrounded by her own after being charge with Murder

“HARRISBURG, Pa. – The video from the camera attached to the officer’s stun gun shows how David Kassick died, authorities say: two bullets, four seconds apart, fired into his back as he lay face down.
Two months before a police officer was captured on video shooting a South Carolina motorist eight times in the back, Kassick was killed by a Pennsylvania officer who is now charged with criminal homicide.”

From the inside the Police State
Boulder Colorado
Jann Scott’s journal

Boulder Homeless Report


Boulder Homeless man explodes from alcohol vapor when he lights a rollie cigarette

The Boulder Homeless Report today is mostly drunk, partially stoned with a chance of crack and Heroin. Homeless continue to be dirty and smelly.  Most Boulder Homeless are jobless and refuse to work. they prefer to suck off the system. Social security benefits are preferred as well as food stamps , Medicaid , welfare  and free food.

70% of Boulder Homeless are street Alcoholics, male and involved in the Criminal Justice system… Meaning they are criminals.

Todays Homeless super heros.

Melody, 22 is a homeless chronic alcoholic young women. she has a smart phone and a twitter account.  She lives with a older male alcoholic who takes care of her.  Her deal is she claims to be a cancer survivor which she is not. She has been shaving her head since she became a street punk several years ago. She has warrants in several Colorado counties.

Eddie is the man who takes care of Melody. He is not homeless per-say, but he lives off SSI in a trailer and drinks all day long. He got fired from his job last year and filed for Medicaid and ssi for disability. Alcohol disables him. If he quit drinking he’d be fine.

Robert spent all of his SSI money ($750) on vodka by April 16. He called me for some money. I wouldn’t give him any. I did bring him some soup and cigarettes.  If he quit drinking he would have money and a place to live. The Homeless shelter tried to help him but he is always too drunk.  He has been arrested for sex offenses, forgery, theft. Today he is shaking and needs a drink real bad.

Don lives in a tent off the grid in Boulder He hasn’t had a drink in several years but he has been on the streets and in chronic homelessness for so long, he is having a hard time adjusting to society. He says all he needs is a job, but one wonders if he really wants to work.

From Boulder Colorado

Where we enable the homeless to drink themselves to death

Jann Scotts Journal