More Ramsey Case NEWS: Now last week we (me) were the first to report that new DNA markers and testing have identified the killer. According to DA detective Lou Smit “we got our killer.” At least 4 members of the DA’s office are working the case every day. Fleet and Priscilla white have been cleared of having any DNA on JonBenet’s Body, and they are essentially cleared from the case.

Also, revealed to me is that all of Fleet White’s house guests from the week of Christmas have been DNA tested and cleared as suspects. The opposite has been reported by Lee Hill and the Jameson Forum both of whom are embedded with gossip. Not me of course, I’m just interested in the facts. I’ll report on gossip, attribute it to the source, and if it’s wrong, I report that too.

Lou Smit told me something else that is fascinating: He said that he and the other investigators have “mounds of material and people to check out.” He said they are working on it and that it is going to take time, but when we finish I believe we’ll will find our killer. He said, “every day we find something new.” This is important because the case is moving forward, quietly, without the glare of national media attention. Who is the silver fox eyeballing? Next week