Spring Valley 888 casino thepogg play money casino Congratulations Boulder is the Most Drug addicted and Alcoholic city in the USA

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namoro classe social diferente Boulder’s spate of recent drug and alcohol overdose deaths caused by drugs and alcohol.
drug overdose 3 Since the beginning of this year 2014 Boulder has seen more than 25 deaths related to drug and alcohol overdoses caused by acute alcoholism and drug addiction. Drugs and alcohol played a major part in these deaths. With out the influence of drugs and alcohol these people would likely still be alive. So why did these people die from drugs and alcohol?? They ingested levels of alcohol and drugs which caused overdoses and it killed them. Why did they do that.?? Because they injected too much alcohol and could not monitor the levels at which they consumed powerful deadly drugs.
15 of the people who died from drug and alcohol related deaths were found dead in their homes or died at the hospital. They were fully employed or retired. Only 10 were homeless.drug overdose
stromectol sans ordonnance prix Are drug and alcohol related deaths up in boulder ?? Yes . It is caused by the high potency of new Marijuana being openly sold to every man women and child in the city, combined with alcohol , pain drugs from the pain clinics, crack and heroin from the library.
Boulder is the Amsterdam of the USA and we can proudly claim more drug addicts and alcoholics than any city our size in America . Congratulations Boulder we are not only the smartest friendliest city in the USA.. We are a city of drug addicted alchies who overdose in unprecedented numbers ruining the lives of everyone we touch.

Jann Scott’s Journal

from the stoner capitol of America

Boulder, colorado