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Boulder to Ferguson protesters “Cops Lives Don’t Matter” It’s hate speech and a violent declaration.

Boulder anti police protesters target Boulder Police Department. Well that’s just swell.
with Hate graffiti “cops lives don’t matter”.

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Spoiled rich white students antagonize the coolest police department in the usa… dumb shits.

When we covered the protests with the “Ferguson to Boulder” protests we noticed a lot of hatred toward Boulder police . This was unwarranted hatred and outrage. This is an insult to our entire community. Protesters need to find out which of their members did this and turn them in to the police. They need to be punished for this we as a community will not stand for anarchist protesters targeting our police officers.

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Young hip Boulder Police officers in front of Hill annex. They are ours and we love them.

These protesters are primarily Naropa students, CU students, young communists anarchists mostly rich white kids with fashionable  clothes.  I interviewed some of them. A lot of them are from cities like Chicago. These are not longtime Boulder citizens. these are kids who came to boulder for the liberal politics and nature and dope.boulder police 1

What they don’t understand is that the Boulder Police department is a well trained, restrained police department …. It is one of the best in the USA when it comes to community relations.  These protesters have been trying to start fights with Boulder PD. I witnessed it myself. Of course Boulder has a history of demonstrations and that is fine. But boulder PD is the best in the nation at monitoring protests.

Boulder Police Department Website

Boulder protesters use hate speech to attack our police. “cops lives don’t matter” let’s find out who did this and throw them in jail Boulder to Ferguson protesters HATE SPEECH Cops don’t matter

Here is the Boulder anti police Facebook page


From Boulder Colorado

Our hippies are peace loving and respectful except for the Hate Speech.

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