There is a lot of misinformation out there about homelessness put out mostly by the: agencies who raise money off of the homeless. They pay their staff first. build buildings first, have offices first. …………………………2 A good example of how to help the homeless would be places like thehomeless-4 Salvation Army women’s and Men’s shelters all over the usa. 80% of their money goes directly to the people they assist. only 20% to staff and buildings.. They provide food , clothing and shelter and have since 1870 with no hooks. The y also have excellent Alcohol and drug treatment facilities for long term recovery. 3. those of you who know me know I have been working with this population for over 20 years. 4. Step 13 is another great model;. They make you sober up and look for a job immediately.. a job of some kind.. no matter what your situation… everybody can do something . They also drug and alcohol test. 5. Alcohol and drugs play a major part in homelessness. Most homeless are adult males in a dominant addiction usually drugs or alcohol… The homeless help industry in boulder does not see fit to put this issue at the TOP of the problem list. they are in fact in denial about it and blame people like me who point it out… If you solve the alcohol and drug problem you solve the homeless problem….. But they don’t know how to do it or play it down and focus on Mental Illness… or job loss of family problems… but those are red herrings…. solve the alcohol and drug problem and you solve the homeless problem.. 6. Half of the homeless who live in transitional housing are drinking and drugging. that is 30 units in north boulder. how do i know ? i ask the people who are sober there who tell me the shelter is clueless. 8 Now I have only been talking about this since 1987 and all of the homeless pimps want to argue about it or worse .. the advocates who drink and drug want to argue.. but it remains.. address the alcohol and drug problem amongst boulders homeless.. you solve the problem….. The problem is .. most of them do not want to get sober, because their addiction has slammed them on the street. they are so far gone.. their brains are mush…. and that is not just the few.. that is the majority. 70% are adult males in an addiction. In Boulder throw in the youth too. They are teen alcoholics learning how to ruin their life form the older chicken hawks. 20 % are mentally ill with no addiction problem.. only 10% are situationally homeless…. people who have lost a job etc.. and they want to work.. they do not drink or drug. They want out of homelessness.. But they are the minority. And they get out of homelessness in a few months. , 7 Think about it there are all kinds of services in Boulder for people who want off the street. 8.but it is more profitable to panhandle.. make $40 to $80 a day(tax free) and drink in the bushes or go to BOHO drunk. some people will pan handle out of homelessness. but not many. I know a handful of guys who quit drinking, panhandled, save their money, , found a real job, and a place to live… only a few,… but i know hundreds who pand handle and drink it all up. that’s the reality.