97 riots

1997 CU Student alcohol riots on hill for 3 days

We are so lucky to live in Boulder.  When it comes to big events, football games, demonstrations and all out riots you could not ask for a better Police Department. I am serious about this.  There are those few crazy anarchist who hate all police but forget about them.

97 mall crawl

1989 mall crawl

Look at any CU Buffs football game day. 50 thousand drunken fans party it up all over our city and and Boulder PD is as cool as can be.  When we had Kinetics at the Res. 50,000 people would party all day and never a bit of trouble.  When the Mall Crawl was in full blast in the late 80’s , 100,000 people would trash the city and Boulder PD maintained.

In 1995, 96 and 97 CU students rioted for fun, nearly burned the hill down and injured 60 Boulder Police officers. 3 injuries were career ending with zero injuries to students. Unbelievable. Then Police Chief Tom Koby called the 1997 riots so extreme  that use of deadly force was required  but he would not allow it.  Students were trying to kill police officers.  It was a student riot all over they wanted to get drunk  and burn  the hill. Seriously, that is what it was about.

Jann Scott hosting live show on mall

Jann Scott Live from the Pearl St Mall.

The college kids really went off the deep end that year with alcohol.  The tried to burn buildings down, stoned the police, set fires all over the hill, threw molotov cocktails at fire fighters.  I was there. It was not funny.

Boulder PD attends weekly protests all over the city by leftist groups and they do a fine job of letting things be.

Of course they have decades of experience and lots of training. In the late 60’s things were rough here when students shut down the city over the Vietnam War, but all and all We do well.

What is interesting is we are a community 95% white and rich by by all standards, yet we have many many civil rights protests all over the city. Some lefty white kids can be pretty Agro, but Boulder PD always holds the moral  high ground.