Jann Scott’s Journal is the story and life of Boulder Icon and talk host Jann Scott. He has been in print, on radio and on TV in Boulder since 1989. Some consider him the voice of Boulder’s soul.

This has been an interesting week. All of the bulbs are 3 weeks early this spring so my crocus are up. Tulips and daffodils are on the way, too. And there were honey bees out today too. The winter here in Colorado has been mostly warm with temps in the 50’s and 60’s now 70’s.

The week started out with an “old lady” at the front desk of the local nursing home yelling at one of our reps over my TV show. Then we got written apologies. The driver of the rental car van recognized me from TV and radio so we had a nice chat about talk radio. Last night another fan came up to me outside a coffee shop and heaped more praise on Boulder channel 1 and me.

This morning I awoke with laryngitis so I haven’t been able to talk all day. so I yelled at a PR person in an email for jerking me around and wasting my time. They were offended and demanded that I apologize. so now I have to call that person and :”oh bla bla bla I didn’t really mean to say that you wasted my fucking time you cheap bastard” No I didn’t say that. I’m sick with a cold.

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