She’s interested

Rape is taught to young men by other men. So called “locker room talk” about how to “get laid” is all about the exploitation of women which in itself is a form of abuse. “Seduction ”  is a lie too and form of sexual abuse.

With all of the women coming forward now claiming rape by well known men, it is apparent men are not taught good sexual health. Beginning with president Trump who on camera talked about how he sexually abuses women. Not good.  So what is Sexual health for men? Well, I will tell you.

1st off it is not healthy to force, seduce, grab or try to get a girl to fuck you.  If they want to have sex with you, they will let you know. Now if you are so horny you can’t control yourself, there are prostitutes at massage parlors who will get you off. There are free phone chat lines like Live Links or Red Hot chat where lots of girls and women go every night to have phone sex with guys. It is anonymous and an even playing field where you can work out your fantasies.

One thing about guys is that we are sexually aggressive, where as women are sexually submissive.  Male aggression gets a hold of men sometimes and turns a situation into force. Women know this. What makes them speak out is when you (guys) get out of control. When you are younger, it can be confusing for men and women. But men are the aggressors and the ones charged with sexual assault.

There don’t seem to be any classes or role models for men on how to behave sexually. Parents don’t talk about it and other guys often give terrible advice.

Go to bars that are known for girls who say yes.

Prostitutes are a sure thing and they don’t call the cops.

Men can have this incredible urge to cum everyday even obsessed with it. You can go to bars where it is known that the girls there are there to meet and fuck you. But you have to be careful because just because a girls is dressed like a whore and acts like she wants you, it may all be a game to her.  so you have to ask her.. Prostitutes are all over the place and you can find them from $40 dollars for a hand job and up. There are Free chat lines where boy meets girl, are known as sex lines. There are also porn sites like Pornhub which is free where you can find cute girls who want you to jerk off for them.

Guys you have to channel your sexual drives to places where you won’t get into trouble. Taking out your sexual frustrations on the first drunk girl you meet is not the way. You have to go where the girls who fuck go and stay away from the ones who don’t or you can find yourself charged with sexual assault.