The world of live call in talk radio and talk TV is a daily gun fight with guests, callers, advertisers and fans. For Peter Boyles it spilled over into the control room last week where he went after his long time producer Greg Hollenback. Generally, that is a bad move but it is not unheard of in “talk”. Hollenback is liked and considered nice where as Boyles is considered to be pretty much of a prick as most talkers are my self included. It is just the nature of the game. We are like cops in a bad neighborhood every day. Some gangster is always looking for trouble and talk hosts are just the ones to dish it up. Some times it is hard to separate the show from personal lives or office politics.

But who knows what happened ?? Maybe Hallenbeck freaked out over Tom Tancredo latest diatribe. Who could blame him.?Tancredo is crazier that a shit house rat and is the last person anyone in Colorado wants in the governors office.

Boyles has taken an unfortunate turn to the right politically and I think this is God’s way of pulling him up short. Saying” what the fuck are you doing ?? ” Jesus does not want you on the right with a bunch of crazy constitutionalist christian tea bagger gun nut fucking domestic terrorist skin headed white supremacists”

Lest Peter forget they killed his best friend talker Alan berg in 1984. No he didn’t forget. He got momentarily lost….

But this is serious. He could permanently lose his job.
KHOW radio has replaced Boyles with an even bigger idiot John Caldera who is not only stupid … He’s just plain mean. He is certainly no Peter boyles. But then again Peter Boyles is no longer Peter Boyles.

I have had run ins with both of these guys. First Caldera when he was hooked up with Boulder Theater. Caldera was the ops guy under a criminal gangster named Dark Cloud. Dark cloud had been arrested for embezzlement the day before. I was hired to come into Boulder theater and produce a TV special for musician Paul Soderman. Caldera was stomping around the theater like a mad man, threatening me and Soderman with physical violence. He was a nightmare. The next day he was fired. It is a damn wonder he didn’t end up in prison with Dark cloud. That’s a little know story.

Boyles and I had it out over the Ramsey case. I was bitching him out nightly on my Boulder TV show for being a vampire and he was going to kick my ass. Now that was pretty much fun. “No, fuck you. No, fuck your mother. no, fuck your mother. Good talk show hosts have the emotions of a 16 year old boy.  ” Peter actually apologized to me and it was over. We both apologized and it was one of those “on the field kind of things.”

But this thing with Hollenback is different. He is a producer. He is not part of the act. He is not some clown like me who relishes a good fight.

I saw ken Hamblin tear into a punk 24 year old producer at KNUS one day….. the kid thought his life was about to end. But then Hamblin got charged with sexual harassment by Karen Lindsay. It happened at a drunken KNUS Christmas party. Mike Rosen hated my guts because I called him a Jewish Nazi on the air. He was infuriated.  Bill O’Reilly , Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Dykes who run NPR have all gotten into trouble for drugs, harassment, sex, you name it.

Just last month I had 1000 NRA wackos after me for things I said about them here and on TV. Now they are a very crazy dangerous group. To date three police departments are involved with charges made and pending.

So yes talk is the original reality show. Talk radio and TV are show business. It is all an act.  But talk is organic and you never know where it is going.

Is this the end for Peter Boyles?. Only the corporation knows for sure

Been on Talk TV since 1989 and talk radio since 1987
From Boulder Colorado
Jann Scott